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Leather Apron LCA picture
Leather Apron LCA

Protective apron made of grainy leather. Identical to the La Cordonnerie AnglaiseShoemaker's Apron but with a single breastpocket. Remarks : waist measurement = 70 cm up to 140 cm. dimensions = 80 cm * 65 cm (heigth * width). neck measurement = up to 70 cm. Made in France.
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Shoemaker's Leather Apron LCA picture
Shoemaker's Leather Apron LCA

Polishing apron made of 100% chocolat brown grained leather of great quality. Equipped with a very large pocket on the front, as well as 2 breast pockets and several large loops to store useful accessories for the maintenance of your shoes. Remarks : Made in France. Girth: 70 cm to 140 cm. Neck measurements ...
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Polishing Apron picture
Polishing Apron

Protective apron for the passionate shoe-shiner. This apron is made of soft and light cotton cloth, with a tool pocket on the breast and reinforced by a leather knee protection. Adjustable waist strap. Remarks : Made in France. 100% French calf skin withvegetal tanning. Heigth = 82 cm. Width at knee level = ...
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Plancha Mania Apron ENO picture
Plancha Mania Apron ENO

Plancha Mania adjustable and well covering cotton apron, equipped with 2 pockets in front. Remarks : -áSingle size. Machine-washable. Height = 90 cm.
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