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Heel Grips Saphir picture
Heel Grips Saphir

Pair of heel grips to attach to the interior stiffener of the heel of your shoe. Allows to prevent: Slipping of the heel and its coming out of the shoe. Rubbing and blisters as a result. Wear of your socks. Remarks : Available in 3 heights below : 1. 2 cm, 3 cm and ...
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Shoe Heel Protector Valmour picture
Shoe Heel Protector Valmour

Reinforced protection for the back of your shoes, in particularáwhen you are driving. Made of elastomere material, it is hard-wearing and comfortable and allows increased protection of the heel of your shoes while you drive. Remarks : -áideal for women's shoes. easy toáattach and to remove with a simple gesture. can be adapted to any shoe ...
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Heel Protectors VALMOUR picture
Heel Protectors VALMOUR

Pair of heel protectors intended for shoes with stiletto heels. Heel Protectors VALMOUR can be adapted to different sizes of high and slim heels, and prevent the heels from sinking into the ground or from getting stuck between wooden planks. They help limit the risk of falling on all types of ground, while also protecting the heels. Remarks: ...
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