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Rotating Mop Spongio  DUO picture
Rotating Mop Spongio DUO

Spongio 360° DUOrotating microfiber mop. Very easy to use, the rotating disc slips everywhere, easyand effortlessrinsing by mecanism situated in the broomstick, no need to stoop, no wet hands! Easy to store: both buckets fit into eachother. Can be used onall surfaces: floors, glas, windows, cars. . thanks to the microfibers which respect every type of surface. ...
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Broomstick for Rotating Mop Spongio picture
Broomstick for Rotating Mop Spongio

Broomstick with rotating mechanism for Rotating Mops , including the 3 elements of the broomstick and the disc on which you clip the micro-fibers. Remarks: Very light stainless steel, length 137 cm. Suitable for Rotating Mops Spongio X2, Spongio Rondo, Spongio Duo. The blocking mecanism can vary from one broomstick to the other.
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Refill Fringes Rotating Mop Spongio DUO picture
Refill Fringes Rotating Mop Spongio DUO

Refill of microfiber fringes for the Rotating Mop Spongio DUObelow. Machine-washable, attach to the broom by a simple click. Remarks: Make sure you have aRotating Mop Spongio DUO ! ! ! Sold individually, without the blue tip on the photo, which is part of the handle.
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