Insecticide Auto-Destroyer ORKA Jet Spray

Insecticide Auto-Destroyer ORKA Jet Spray

One-time use !
To destroy all flying or crawling insects. Its devastating gas allows a shock action on all kinds of insects, eggs, grubs...
Percussion spray, one-time use.
For precaution, do not leave birds, animals, fish tanks or green plants in the room to be treated.
Protect dishes and food.

- 150 ml : up to 100 m3 equivalent to 40 m².
- 300 ml : up to 200m3 equivalent to 100m² 

The efficiency of the Auto-Destroyer ORKA Spray  is radical on all insects in touch with the gas. To complete the action on any hidden insects, we recommend a regular pulverization of the  KO Fly ORKA Vaporizer below on plinths, carpets, cupboards... or on all possibe access spots like ventilation shafts, rubbish shutes etc...


- Before using an insecticide, make sure that this is absolutely necessary, in particular for premises used by the public. if possible, always prefer altenative methods and products with the lowest risk for human and animal health and the environment.

Biocide product  type TP18 (Insecticides, acaricides and products used for the fight against  other arthropods).

- Close doors, windows and shutters and the ventilation, then activate the spray which will totally empty itself. Wait 3 hours, then air for at least 30 min.

Available in : 150 ml, 300 ml

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