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Antistatic Spray AVEL picture
Antistatic Spray AVEL

Helps avoid the unpleasant effects electrostatic charges on clothes, TV or computer screens, car doors etc. Remarks : Prevents dust to stick to the surface. No staining, odourless. - Available per unit or in boxes of 12.
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VALMOUR Antistatic Liquid picture
VALMOUR Antistatic Liquid

Liquid antistatic treatment to prevent the development of static electricity through rubbing and to eliminate any existing static electricity. For all surfaces, all textile floor coverings, clothing, machine-tools etc. Apply by sprayingit on with one of our Dusters below,byBrush or by impregnation. Remarks : Average use approx. 15 m2/liter. Theduration of the antistatic effect ...
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Plastic & PVC Renovator picture
Plastic & PVC Renovator

To care for and clean objects made of plastic and PVC, in particularáon theáexterior. Remarks : Eliminates even difficult stains andágives backáthe shine. Indicated for coloured surfaces. Spray onto the surface from a distance of 15 cm, leave to work for a few minutes, then wipe off with a Cloth or rinse with a humid Sponge. ...
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Screen Cleaner picture
Screen Cleaner

Special foam cleaner for computer and television screens, keyboards etc... Remarks : Contains an antistatic agent. Net volume at 20░C = 400 ml.
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Extra-strong Food Grade Grease Remover FLASH Net picture
Extra-strong Food Grade Grease Remover FLASH Net

Extra-strong grease remover for all surfaces, ready to use, delicately scented. FLASH Net easily eliminatesgreasy, oily and mineral dirt like grease, oil, soot, nicotine, pollution, traces of insects, sludge, tar, traces left by the soles of shoes, shoe polish, tannin, ect. Can be used on all washable surfaces: cooking material, ovens, extractors, filters, lawn mowers, for DYU, ...
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Anti-Static Polish PUCK picture
Anti-Static Polish PUCK NEW

Maintenance product intended to embellish car interiors made of other materials than leather and fabric like plastic or wood. Also suitable for car bodies. Anti-Static Polish PUCK has anti-static qualities. Remarks : -Shake well before using, then spray and polish immediately with the help of a Chamois Cotton Cloth, see below.
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