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Wood Floor Wax Powder CENDRILLON picture
Wood Floor Wax Powder CENDRILLON

Wax powder for dance floors. Mixture of different waxes selected for their binding and gliding qualities. Apply his  formula of Wood Floor Wax Powder Cendrillon Louis XIII  by sprinkling it on the floor, to become shiny with the action of the dancers for easier gliding.
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Varnishing Emulsion Tiles Marble AVEL picture
Varnishing Emulsion Tiles Marble AVEL

Does notcreate a film on the surface! Easy careand protectionfor floor tiles, light coloured terra cotta, marble, plastic floors, slate... against all types of stains: oil, wine, alcohol, soapy water, hydrogen peroxide or bleach... Varnishing Emulsion Tiles AVEL is a modern product based on a solvent-free wax emulsion with acrylic resins , for easy use without constraint. ...
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Tile Care Kit AVEL picture
Tile Care Kit AVEL

Kitto care for tiles, light or multicoloured terra cotta, marble, plasticfloors etc... . The kit includes 1 liter of emulsion and 1 liter of shampoo. Remarks : The Emulsion protects and adds shine, the Shampoo cleans andstrengthens the Emulsion.
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Foriver SODERSOL Sheen picture
Foriver SODERSOL Sheen

Self-polishing and protective finishing sheen for floor tiling, red tiles, stoneware, cement tiles. Leaves a very resistant shiny and supple film. Non-slip. Use in addition to Terrazo Sealer SODERSOL, Aqua Sealer orOleo Sealer on very porous floors, and directly onlightly porous floors. Remarks : Interior use only. 1st applicarion : strip your floor ...
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