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Hydro-alcoholic Solution picture
Hydro-alcoholic Solution

Antiseptic liquid hydroalcoholic solution for application on the skin. Official formula recommended by the WHO. Instructions for use: pour the solution onto the palm of your hand and rub the complete surface of your hands until the skin is dry. To disinfect, spray onto the surfaces like door handles, desks, counters etc. Remarks: formula recommended by ...
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AVEL+ Bactericide Spray picture
AVEL+ Bactericide Spray

Disinfectant – air-freshener. Disinfects toilet seats, floors, walls, shoes… Destroys airborneágerms : áhospital rooms, classrooms, offices, public transport… Preventive product against bacteria, germs, acarids. Efficiency controlledáby the Pasteur Institute of Lyon in conformity withánorm T72150 AFNOR. Menthol scent.
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Disinfectant Spray ALTOGERM KING picture
Disinfectant Spray ALTOGERM KING NEW

ALTOGERM is a percussion spray to disinfect surfaces and purify the air. The fog it creates destroys microbes and bacteria which enter in contact with the product. In accordance withthe European Norm EN1276, its bactericide efficiency has been demonstrated on the most resistant bacteria: Pseudomonas aeruginosa, Escherichia Colis, Staphylococcus aureus, enterococcus hirae etc. Its fongicide efficiency has ...
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Mask with Valve FFP2 !!! picture
Mask with Valve FFP2 !!!

Mask for respiratoy protection approved FFP2, to protect against solid and liquid particles of mediom toxicity. 94% filtering power. Used for sanding down soft wood, composite materials, rust, putty, plaster or plastic, or for cutting, deburrin,g grinding or perforating metal. Remarks : in accordance with European directive 89/686/CEE norm EN149: 2001+A1: 2009 perfect protection of the mucous ...
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Insect Repellent DERM'ALPES picture
Insect Repellent DERM'ALPES

Derm'Alpes insect repellent spray lotion. To be applied on the skin. Efficient 8 hour protection of the body against the bites of mosquitos, flies, horse flies, harvest mites, craneflies, flees, headlice, tropical insects etc. Thanks to a very high40 %concentation of diethyl toluamide, the efficiency of Insect Repellent DERM'ALPES has been tested and demonstrated on Aedes ...
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Shammy Leather picture
Shammy Leather

Shammy leather is ideal for drying andshining car bodies, computer screens, windows, plastic, metal, floor and wall tiles etc. Nowadays, theanimal of the same nameis protected andthe sale of real Chamois skinsis forbidden. Therefore, modern Chamoisskins are madeof sheep skin tanned with fish oil, the quality ofthe skin depends on the quality of the tanning. Remarks: ...
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