Crawling Insects
NOXIBLATTE 2000 picture

Ready to use anti-cockroach gel insecticide. NOXIBLATTE 2000 is enriched with protein-containing attractive agents and eliminates cockroaches in all stades of development: pupae and adults. Place 2 to 4 drops per m² on all areas they use: heating shafts, electricity meters, sinks, refrigerators, cupboards etc. Shoc action. Remarks: Each syringe contains 30 grams of cyphénothrine ...
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Fumigator Insecticide PROFYR picture
Fumigator Insecticide PROFYR

Hydro-reactive fumigator to destroy acarids, mites, cockroaches, spiders, fleas, flies, mosquitos, wasps, hornets etc... Based on cyphenothrin, a member of the family of pyrethroids, withoptimum efficiency thanks to fine particle diffusion in every nook and cranny. To treat buildings, grain silos, areas for food storage etc. Remarks : combustion without danger, without propellant, or deposit! use : ...
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Anti-Ant Gel Insecticide BIOSPIN-G picture
Anti-Ant Gel Insecticide BIOSPIN-G

Powerful gel insecticide to eliminate ants based on spinosad (0. 1), an active matter of natural origin enriched with an food lure. Also contains a bitter taste giving agent for the safety of children. BIOSPIN-G works by contact and by ingestion, which makes it twice as effective. Tha maximum delay for action of 24 hours also makes ...
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Insecticide NOXIDE+ Bedbugs Vaporizer picture
Insecticide NOXIDE+ Bedbugs Vaporizer

NOXIDE is a professional insecticide lacquer composed of cyphenothrin at a dosage of 0. 05 % m/m. Very efficient to treatcrawling or flying insects like flies, cockroaches, bedbugs... Remarks : Ready to use. Odourless. Based on acqueous liquid, approved for the treatment of housing, hospitals... Average use approx. 20 m²/litre. -Use biocide products ...
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Insecticide NOXIDE C+ Concentrate picture
Insecticide NOXIDE C+ Concentrate

NOXIDE is an economical and extra-powerful insecticide concentrate to eliminate crawling and flying insects. NOXIDE C+ is composed of cyphenothrin at 0. 5 % m/m and efficient on insects, likeflies, bedbugs, mosquitos, cockroaches, ants... Remarks : Interior and exterior use. Acqueous liquid ! Dilute in 9 times its volume of water,tomake5 litres of insecticide ready for ...
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Insecticide Glue Tape picture
Insecticide Glue Tape

Roll of glue-covered ready-to-use paper tape to capture bedbugs. Unwind the tape and fasten it around your bed,to the floor and the walls to isolate the area and protect it from the bedbugs. Environment-friendly product based on sticky wax and polybutene. Remarks: Fasten with thumb tacks and/or scotch tape to make sure that the glue tape is ...
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