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To wash Stone or Terracotta floors, Valmour recommends Real Black Soap Based with Linseed Oil Louis XIII. The use of this product is recommended for cleaning, protecting, and adding shine without needing to rinse to floors which have been treated with Patina Louis XIII or Mother of Pearl Shine AVELNACRE Louis XIII. Immediate dilution, lemon fragrance.

For floors treated with the Varnishing Emulsions AVEL, choose the Metallic Polishing Shampoos.


- For easy and effortless application of these products, use our Rotating Mop below, without needing to stoop or to wet your hands ! 

- In any case, to care for your terracotta floor will be much easier if it has been protected with a water-repellant. Consult the advice card " Terracotta Floor Treatment and Protection".

Rotating Mop Spongio  DUO picture
Rotating Mop Spongio DUO

Spongio 360° DUOrotating microfiber mop. Very easy to use, the rotating disc slips everywhere, easyand effortlessrinsing by mecanism situated in the broomstick, no need to stoop, no wet hands! Easy to store: both buckets fit into each other. Can be used onall surfaces: floors, glas, windows, cars. . thanks to the microfibers which respect every type of ...
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Cotton Cloths for DIY picture
Cotton Cloths for DIY

Cotton cloths cut from cotton sheets. This fabric is very hardwearing and absorbant and particularly adapted for DIY. The size can vary from 20 cm to 40 cmside-length. Available per unit or in boxes of 120 pieces of great quality sorted out by hand, or in boxes of 10 kg in bulk. . Available below : per ...
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Patina Terracotta Tile Wax LOUIS XIII picture
Patina Terracotta Tile Wax LOUIS XIII

Traditional maintenancefor old or modern interiortiling : terracotta, natural stone... Gives a gloss anda warm and shining appearance to the tiles while conservingthe natural appearance of the original shades. In-depth nourishment, prevents crumbling and wear due to their drying up. Patina Terracotta Tile Wax LOUIS XIII waterproofs and protects your tiled flooragainst water, grease and dirt stains. ...
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Real Black Soap LOUIS XIII picture
Real Black Soap LOUIS XIII

Traditional concentrated formula based on vegetal material (16%)including linseed oil. To wash and care forsealed wooden floors,floor tiles and terracotta. It washes, cleans, shines, no need to rinse, leaves a beautiful natural satin appearance. Pleasant lemon fragrance, instant dilution and therefore very easy to use. Remarks : Real Black Soap Louis XIII has been strengthened with vegetal ...
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Mother of Pearl Shine AVELNACRE picture
Mother of Pearl Shine AVELNACRE

Mother of Pearl Shine AVELNACRE embellishesancient andmodern floor tiles byenhancing their natural colour shades. Protects against stains and dirt. Does not create a film on the surface and gives a mother of pearliridescence to the tiles. Can be used frequently without havingtostrip first. Does not block the pores and lets thematerial "breathe". Remarks: We ...
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