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Wood Floor & Tile Cleaner/Grease Remover LOUIS XIII picture
Wood Floor & Tile Cleaner/Grease Remover LOUIS XIII

Dissolves grease stains which can be removed afterwards by sprinkling with Terre de Sommières. To be used on untreated surfaces, free from any coating (varnish, wax, tint, self-polish emulsion... ). Excellent penetration power on porous supports which permits efficient and in-depth action. Does not dry out the wood.
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Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL picture
Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL

Natural dry stain remover. Exceptionally fine texture which absorbs stains on wood, marble, porous stones, leather, textile and paper...  Its absorbtion power by capillary action is superiour to salt, without drying out the surface.  Remarks: Sprinkle genrously onto the stain immediately after its appearance. Leave to work for a few hours.   Afterwards, clean with a brush or a vacuum cleaner. For ...
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Marble Polisher LOUIS XIII picture
Marble Polisher LOUIS XIII

To obtain a beautiful smooth and shiny surface, for marble, natural stone, cement tiles etc. Very useful for eliminating calcareous stains which give a whitish appearance. Apply with the help of a Varnish and Wax Applicator Pad (see below).
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Marble Cleaner/Grime Remover LOUIS XIII picture
Marble Cleaner/Grime Remover LOUIS XIII

To cleanmarble, granite, onyx... encrusted by waxes, emulsions, grease, dirty oil or grime. Easy to use. Dilute with warm water and apply with a sponge (or squeezy). Remarks: Dilute between 4 20 times with warm water Average use once diluted20 m² per litre, that is 5 m² for this can.
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Stripper Dirt Remover LOUIS XIII picture
Stripper Dirt Remover LOUIS XIII

Efficient strippingof all surfaces encrusted by successive applications of wax or self-shining emulsions or by grease, dirt, grime... on terra cotta, tiles, plastic floors. (Do not use on wood or wooden floors). Stripper Dirt Remover Louis XIII is alkali-based, usediluted in 4 to 20 times its volume ofwarm waterRemarks : Interior/exterior use. Average use10 m² ...
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Real Black Soap LOUIS XIII picture
Real Black Soap LOUIS XIII

Traditional concentrated formula based on vegetal material (16%)including linseed oil. To wash and care forsealed wooden floors,floor tiles and terracotta. It washes, cleans, shines, no need to rinse, leaves a beautiful natural satin appearance. Pleasant lemon fragrance, instant dilution and therefore very easy to use. Remarks : Real Black Soap Louis XIII has been strengthened with vegetal ...
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