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Varnishing Emulsion Tiles Marble AVEL picture
Varnishing Emulsion Tiles Marble AVEL

Does notcreate a film on the surface! Easy careand protectionfor floor tiles, light coloured terra cotta, marble, plastic floors, slate... against all types of stains: oil, wine, alcohol, soapy water, hydrogen peroxide or bleach... Varnishing Emulsion Tiles AVEL is a modern product based on a solvent-free wax emulsion with acrylic resins , for easy use without constraint. ...
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Tile Care Kit AVEL picture
Tile Care Kit AVEL

Kitto care for tiles, light or multicoloured terra cotta, marble, plasticfloors etc... . The kit includes 1 liter of emulsion and 1 liter of shampoo. Remarks : The Emulsion protects and adds shine, the Shampoo cleans andstrengthens the Emulsion.
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Water Repellant Anti-Stain Impregnator  LOUIS XIII picture
Water Repellant Anti-Stain Impregnator LOUIS XIII

Water and oil-repellant for perfect protection against stains for all porous floors: natural or reconstituted stone, terracotta, floor-tiles... Does not contain linseed oil or other additives.  Does not modify the appearance of the floor and does not create a "plastic film" on the surface.  In-depth action for invisible protection against penetration of all kinds of stains and dirt, lasting between 5 ...
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Water Proofer Terrazo Sealer SODERSOL picture
Water Proofer Terrazo Sealer SODERSOL

Protective stain-repellent pore-filler/water/oil proofer for all porous interior and exterior surfaces. Available in 3 formulasadapted to the degree of porosity of the surface to be treated: Yellow formula for low porosity: granite, marble, polished ceramic sandstone etc. (average use approx. 25 m²/litre/coat). -Green formula for medium porosity: reconstituted limestone, flagstone, sandstone, concrete, ...
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Water Proofer Oleosealer SODERSOL picture
Water Proofer Oleosealer SODERSOL

Water -and oil repellent, this product protects porous materials against stains and frost without leaving a film on the surface. Remarks: interior and exterior use. waterproofs while lettingthe materials "breathe". does not modify the appearance of the treated surface. resistent to household detergents. without silicone or solvents. apply with a Rotating Mop, a ...
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Anti Moss Concentrate NOXICLEAN picture
Anti Moss Concentrate NOXICLEAN

Professional quality anti-moss concentrate, to regenerate with water . NOXICLEAN is particularly rich in active matter and radically efficient agaist moss, algae,lichen and fungus which conserve humidity and therefore deteriorate the material on which they develop. Can be applied on all porous surfaces: roofs made of shingle, slate, concrete, cement fibres etc, pavement, brick, stone, cement, coating ...
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