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For cleaning, stain-removing, preparing a floor before treatment or stripping your stone, terracotta or sandstone floors etc., Valmour proposes the following products :

 1- Stripping:  
To eliminate coats of sealer, varnish or paint, choose between Liquid Stripper Blanchon or Gel Stripper VALMOUR. The gel version is particularly useful for verticalal surfaces.

 2- Cleaning, Stain-removing
To recover the original appearance of your floor, or before a treatment, all traces of dirt and previously used products must be removed.
Use either:

- Wax and Dirt Remover Louis XIII, a highly concentrated product which eliminates wax, grease, dirty oil, grime etc....
Or :
- Emulsion Stripper AVEL which is recommended before using the Varnishing Emulsion AVEL for the first time. Easy efficient action: eliminates up to 10 coats of self-shining emulsions.

 3- End of job cleaning : 
Newly laid or certain old terracotta tiles frequently show white veils which are risings of cement, lime, and calcium. To eliminate them, Valmour proposes 2 products to be used on red tiles, terra cotta, sandstone and natural acid-proof stone:
- for white veils linked to the pointing, choose Acid Based Remover LOUIS XIII and apply after the laying. Extra-strong product which also eliminates rust and oil, but does not damage the joints. 
And :
-In case of resistant white veils, or recurring problems with saltpeter or humidity, choose White Stain Eliminator LOUIS XIII. Its exclusive acid-free formula eliminates the white marks and nourishes the floor tiles in depth. it is recommended for terracotta and red tiles because it intensifies their shade. This product can be used for regular cleaning if the the white veils persist. 

3- Stain removing : 

Localised fatty stains can be removed with Terre de Sommière AVEL. If the stains are old, warm them up before with a hair dryer or soak them with the Wood-Floor &Tile Cleaner / Grease Remover LOUIS XIII for easier removal.

Once  your terra cotta tiles are clean, protect them with Tile Protector Inpregnator LOUIS XIII.

For easy and effortless application of these products, use our Rotating Mop below, without needing to stoop or to wet your hands !

Gel Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour picture
Gel Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour

High performance gel stripper for paints and varnishes. Can be used on many surfaces like wood, ferrous metal, cement etc. Thanks to its gel form Gel Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour is perfectly suitable for vertical surfaces. 99 % biodegradable formula without methylene chloride, methanol, phenol or paraffin. Remarks : For flat surfaces, prefer the Liquid ...
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Liquid Paint Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour picture
Liquid Paint Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour

Extra-strong liquid stripper for paint and varnish. Removesall types of paint, varnish, tint,... in 15 minutes and with a single application. Can be used on all surfaces: wood, ferrous metal, glass, concrete etc. Liquid Paint Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour dissolves synthetic plastified resin, many types of rubber and plastic materials. It is free off ...
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Rotating Mop Spongio  DUO picture
Rotating Mop Spongio DUO

Spongio 360° DUOrotating microfiber mop. Very easy to use, the rotating disc slips everywhere, easyand effortlessrinsing by mecanism situated in the broomstick, no need to stoop, no wet hands! Easy to store: both buckets fit into each other. Can be used onall surfaces: floors, glas, windows, cars. . thanks to the microfibers which respect every type of ...
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Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL picture
Stain Remover Terre De Sommières AVEL

Natural dry stain remover. Exceptionally fine texture powder whichabsorbsstainson wood, marble, porous stones, leather, textile and paper etc. Itsabsorbtionpower by capillary action is superiour to salt, without drying out the surface. If the stain is old and gongealed, it is possible to liquefy it beforehand with the help of Wood Floor & Tile Cleaner/ Grease Remover Louis XIII ...
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Cotton Cloths for DIY picture
Cotton Cloths for DIY

Cotton cloths cut from cotton sheets. This fabric is very hardwearing and absorbant and particularly adapted for DIY. The size can vary from 20 cm to 40 cmside-length. Available per unit or in boxes of 120 pieces of great quality sorted out by hand, or in boxes of 10 kg in bulk. . Available below : per ...
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