Terracotta Floor Care
To care for a Terracotta floor or red floor tiles, Valmour recommends to protect them and afterwards care for them either in a traditional or in an innovating way.To begin with, protect your terracotta with Tile Protector Impregnator LOUIS XIII. Very easy application, does not modify the appearance of your floor and protects perfectly against stains of water, wine, coffee etc ...Apply on a dry and greaseless floor, in 2 coats to obtain permanent protection !

Before, to ensure that your floor is completely clean, greaseless and thorougly dry:
- eliminate dirt and previously applied products with Wax and Dirt Remover Louis XIII.
- if your floor tiles have just been layed, give your floor a thorough end-of-job cleaning with Acid Based Remover Louis XIII.
- if your floor is old and shows signs of white veils (humidity, salpeter etc...) treat the tiles with White Stain Eliminator Louis XIII and wait for 3 weeks before applying a water proofing product.

Afterwards, we recommend 2 ranges for usual maintenance :

1 - Traditonal Range :

Patina Tile Wax LOUIS XIII gives a warm and waxed appearance to old or new terracotta. Wax-based formula, apply regularly with a floorcloth or a squeezy on a floor previously treated with the Tile Protector Impregnator LOUIS XIII. Shine with an old wool jumper. The Patina Tile Wax is available in 4 lightly colouring colours. At first, several coats will be necessary in to obtain a patinated effect .
Afterwards, regularly wash your floors with Real Black Soap LOUIS XIII based on linseed oil. Use without rinsing.

2 - Innovation Range :

The application of Varnishing Emulsion AVEL on your terracotta tiles allows to give them shine and perfect protection. Apply approx. once a year. This emulsion resists against scratches and protects against oil, wine  and water stains... Easy application with a floorcloth, quick-drying. One light application gives a waxed appearance, 2 applications a shining appearance.

Available in :

- neutral for light terracotta (Varnishing Emulsion Floor Tiles Marble AVEL)
- in red for red terracotta (Varnishing Emulsion Red Rerracotta AVEL).

To wash floors regularly treated with Varnishing Emulsion AVEL, use the specially designed Metallic Polishing Shampoo AVEL . It is the complement of the emulsion. Dilute before using, no need to rinse.

Also available in :

- neutral (Metallic Polishing Shampoo Floor Tiles Marble AVEL)
- red (Metallic Polishing Shampoo Red Terracotta AVEL).

To sum up, if you want :

1 - A raw, dry appearance : choose Tile Protector Impregnator LOUIS XIII alone,
2 - a patinated appearance : choose Impregnator + Patina Tile Wax LOUIS XIII + Real Black Soap LOUIS XIII.
3 - a "wet" waxed or shiny appearance : choose Impregnator + Varnishing Emulsion AVEL + Metallic Polishing Shampoo.

Remarks :

For easy and effortless application of these products, use our Rotating Mop below, without needing to stoop or to wet your hands !
Rotating Mop Spongio  DUO picture
Rotating Mop Spongio DUO

Spongio 360° DUOrotating microfiber mop. Very easy to use, the rotating disc slips everywhere, easyand effortlessrinsing by mecanism situated in the broomstick, no need to stoop, no wet hands! Easy to store: both buckets fit into each other. Can be used onall surfaces: floors, glas, windows, cars. . thanks to the microfibers which respect every type of ...
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Cotton Cloths for DIY picture
Cotton Cloths for DIY

Cotton cloths cut from cotton sheets. This fabric is very hardwearing and absorbant and particularly adapted for DIY. The size can vary from 20 cm to 40 cmside-length. Available per unit or in boxes of 120 pieces of great quality sorted out by hand, or in boxes of 10 kg in bulk. . Available below : per ...
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Acid Based Remover LOUIS XIII picture
Acid Based Remover LOUIS XIII

Final cleaner. Formula without hydrochloric acid, preserves tiles and pointing. Recommended for removing veils of cement, lime, plaster, limestone, saltpeter, rust, oil... Remarks : Average useapprox. 1 litre for 30m². After rinsing, we recommend to protect porous surfaces like terracotta with the Anti Stain Impregnator LOUIS XIII below.
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Stripper Dirt Remover LOUIS XIII picture
Stripper Dirt Remover LOUIS XIII

Efficient strippingof all surfaces encrusted by successive applications of wax or self-shining emulsions or by grease, dirt, grime... on terra cotta, tiles, plastic floors. (Do not use on wood or wooden floors). Stripper Dirt Remover Louis XIII is alkali-based, usediluted in 4 to 20 times its volume ofwarm waterRemarks : Interior/exterior use. Average use10 m² ...
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White Stain Eliminator LOUIS XIII picture
White Stain Eliminator LOUIS XIII

Exclusive two-in-one product: Eliminates cement, lime andlimestone stains and veils and prevents their rising. Nourishes andbeautifiesfloor-tiles, terracotta, sandstone... byintensifying their colour andgiving them abeautiful natural satiny appearance. -Average useapprox. 20 to 30m² per liter. Remarks : Acid-free, does not attacktiles or pointing. Interior/exterior use. On afloor subject torepeatedrising of white veils, the Eliminator ...
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