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To care for leather with scales like crocodile, lizard, snake etc., proceed as follows:
- To begin with, carefully eliminate any dust with the Horsehair Brush. The scales of these leathers easily accumulate dust, therefore it is essential to take it off before nourrishing the leather.
- If the leather is very dirty, in particular around the joints of the scales, use  Cleaning Regenerating Soap. It is neutral and solvent-free and therefore respects the leather and will perfectly eliminate any dirt.
- Once the leather is completely dry again, we recommend  Polish REPTAN to care for your shoes, clothes and leather goods. this product is specially formulated for special leather like crocodile, lizard, snake, shark..., a real beauty milk to embellish, nourish and protect these delicate leathers.
- Lastly, use Varnish Rife Liquid to give back shine to your leather. This products is available in neutral and black, and also as a spray. 

Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL picture
Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL

For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes thesuccessive layers of wax andgives backto the leather its original appearance. NEW FORMULA,totally colorless, with purified glycerine. Remarks : Non alkalineformula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-agressive for leather to the contrary ofMarseilles soap. Essential before applying the Pigmenting Creamor the Renovators, just like washing ...
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Natural Horsehair Brush Saphir picture
Natural Horsehair Brush Saphir

Dusting brush. Useful forremoving superficial dustfrom your shoes before cleaning, or for brushing your clothes. Light grey horsehair. varnished beech handle. Available in 2 sizes : 18 or 21 cmDimensions: length = 18 cm, height of bristle = 2. 5 cm length = 21 cm, height of bristle = 3. 5 cm
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REPTAN Polish Saphir picture
REPTAN Polish Saphir

This beauty milk is recommended by the most renowned leather goods manufacturers. Embellishes, nourishes and protects all reptile leathers: lizard, crocodile, snake, as well asshark andshagreen... Delivered with a Chamoisine Cotton Cloth.
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Varnish RIFE Liquid Saphir picture
Varnish RIFE Liquid Saphir

For cleaning, protecting, re-colouring and shining all patent leathers.  Protects against cracks and removes finger marks. Also available as a spray.
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Varnish RIFE Spray Saphir picture
Varnish RIFE Spray Saphir

Forcleaning, protectingand shining allpatent leathers. Protects againstcracks. Removes finger marks. Also available as a liquid. Remarks: The 200 ml packaging has been stopped and replaced by the 150 ml.
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