Colour Chart for Leather Polish Saphir AVEL picture
Colour Chart for Leather Polish Saphir AVEL

Order a colour chart ! Choosing a colour from a computer screen is always difficult. To help you make the right choice, we propose to order and receive a professional paper colour chart showing the exact colour shades of our products. This colour chart is suitable for maintenance products of the AVEL and Saphir brands for ...
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Cream Renovator AVEL picture
Cream Renovator AVEL

Nourrishes, protects, re-colors andadds shine toall types of smooth leather. Cream Renovator is enriched with mink oil and allowsseveralapplicationson asofa seating 3and 2 armchairs. Its high content ofcolour pigments refreshes the leather colour without risk of colour discharge while giving a very pleasant scent of new leather. Clean your leather first with Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL. Remarks: ...
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Renovating Balm Liquid AVEL picture
Renovating Balm Liquid AVEL

Liquid formula enriched with mink oil,easy carefor all smooth leathers. Nourishes, protects, recolors and adds shine. Remarks : -Quantity sufficient for severalapplicationsona sofa seatingthree and 2 armchairs. Use sparingly. Apply with fluff-free CottonCloth. Before using this product, carefully clean your leather with Cleaning Regenerating Soap, see below. -Afterwards,put on a shine(for example with aShining ...
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Mat Leather Balm AVEL picture
Mat Leather Balm AVEL

Specially formulated leather balm for nourishing, softening and protecting mat leather. Adapted to most of the leather for cars, sofas, chairs, as well as leather goods and clothes with the modern mat appearance, which is synonym with a top of the brand leather quality.  Remarks : Apply only onto clean, greaseless and dry leather. Clean your leather ...
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Leather Care Kit picture
Leather Care Kit

Kit for cleaning and caring for leather furniture and carleather. Includes a Cleaning Regenerating Soap and a neutral liquid Leather Renovating Balm AVEL, suitable to care for new leather without discolorations or scratches. NEW: from now on this leather care kit is available in all the colours of the Liquid Renovating Balm. Remarks : The soap ...
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Renovating Balm Paste AVEL picture
Renovating Balm Paste AVEL

Leather conditionerenrichedwith mink-oil. Renovates and nourishes. Helps to prevent tearing of the seams and toughening of the leather. Suitable for all colors. Clean your leather first with Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL. Remarks : -Quantitysufficient forseveralapplications ona 3-seater sofaand 2 armchairs. Use sparingly, it is not necessary and not advisable to apply excess product. ...
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