Colour Chart for Leather Polish Saphir AVEL picture
Colour Chart for Leather Polish Saphir AVEL

Order a colour chart ! Choosing a colour from a computer screen is always difficult. To help you make the right choice, we propose to order and receive a professional paper colour chart showing the exact colour shades of our products. This colour chart is suitable for maintenance products of the AVEL and Saphir brands for ...
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Universal Cream Polish SAPHIR picture
Universal Cream Polish SAPHIR

Neutral leather care cream emulsion for the gentle care of all types of smooth leather, leather goods, furniture, luggage etc. , gently cleans, nourishes and protects. Formula based on beeswax at 28,9% and enriched with jojoba oil and lanoline which have been selected for their nourishing properties. Can beapplied on the most delicate leathers,giving a deep and ...
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REPTAN Polish Saphir picture
REPTAN Polish Saphir

This beauty milk is recommended by the most renowned leather goods manufacturers. Embellishes, nourishes and protects all reptile leathers: lizard, crocodile, snake, as well asshark andshagreen... Delivered with a Chamoisine Cotton Cloth.
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Gel  Polish Saphir picture
Gel Polish Saphir

Translucent cream recommended for the care of multicoloured, braided, pearly or metallised leather which resists penetration of classic polish. Its light formula favors the shiny instead of the nourishing waxes and protects from dirt.
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Delicate Cream  Polish  SAPHIR picture
Delicate Cream Polish SAPHIR

Cream to care for delicate leather. For fine smooth leather, nappa, box, veal. Nourishes, cleans and embellishes. Extremely soft formula which does not alter the leather's appearance and finish. Also suitable for leather with a matt finish. Remarks : The small 50 ml jar is deliveredin a case with a chamois 100% cottoncloth.
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Renovator MACADAMIA Saphir Médaille d'Or picture
Renovator MACADAMIA Saphir Médaille d'Or

This product for leather maintenance and renovation has a formula similar to that of the famous RENOVATOR Saphir Médaille d'Or, but does not contain mink oil. To limit the use of oil of animal origin, this mink oil is replaced by macadamia oil known for its nourrishing and regenerating qualities. Stemming from the nut of an Australian bush, ...
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