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It is useless to apply Renovating Balms on imitation leather or Leatherette, but Valmour recommends the following:

- A regular cleaning with Cleaning Regenerating Soap to eliminate dust and dirt without drying up the imitation leather. This soap is solvent-free and does not contain caustic soda (to the contrary of household soap).

- Afterwards, regularly use the Leather Care Wax Spray AVEL to keep it supple.

- It is also possible to repigment imitation leather. To repigment the complete surface of a sofa, a cushion or a seat, use  Spray Dye Teinture TENAX. In this case the preparation with Stripper Saphir has to be carefully tested before, to make sure that it doesn't dissolve the imitation leather.

- For small surfaces like scratches you can use Renovating Cream Saphir, a fast-drying resin based on a concentrate of colour pigments.

Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL picture
Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL

For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes thesuccessive layers of wax andgives backto the leather its original appearance. NEW FORMULA,totally colorless, with purified glycerine. Remarks : Non alkalineformula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-agressive for leather to the contrary ofMarseilles soap. Essential before applying the Pigmenting Creamor the Renovators, just like washing ...
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Leather Care Wax Spray AVEL picture
Leather Care Wax Spray AVEL

Recommended for the regular care of leather furniture and car leather. Remarks : Very useful for plaited or perforated leather. Use sparingly. - Afterwards, shine with a Shining Glove below.  
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Natural Sea Sponge picture
Natural Sea Sponge

Genuine natural sea sponge.  Remarks : Average diameter approx. 15 cm.  
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Stripper SAPHIR picture
Stripper SAPHIR

Prepares leather for dyeing.  Special stripper for smooth leather. Essential before using the liquid dye Teinture Française Liquide or the spray dye Teinture Tenax Spray to increase colour  hold and penetration. Average use approx. 150 ml per seat, corresponding to a 500 ml can for a sofa seating 3.  
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Polish Renovating Cream SAPHIR picture
Polish Renovating Cream SAPHIR

Resin-based concentrate of colour pigments. Tocover small surfaces like scuff marks, scratches, cigarette burns and to refresh the colour of all smooth leathers : shoes, clothes, leather goods and furniture. Complementary to polish but no replacement. No colour discharge. Perfect for partial renovation, not intended for regular care. It is possible to mix the 50 colours together, ...
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