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To recover an article of leather clothing  which has suffered from humidity and shows traces of mould even after cleaning, Valmour recommends to proceed in 2 steps :

1- cleaning:

First, thoroughly clean your leather with the help of Leather Cleaner Renomat Saphir, which cleans, eliminates stains and disinfects. This steps allows to recover the leather by destroying the fungi.

2- embellishing: 
- If the leather is smooth and discoloured, The ideal treatment is to apply Pigmenting Cream AVEL and its Fixing Liquid , the last word in leather recolouring and renovation.
- For a less costly solution, use Juvacuir, a renovating product which will re-pigment and embellish your leather and does not contain any grease,  to be avoided because they nourish fungi.
- in case of light discolouration, use Canadian.

Protect your hands with our Nitril Rubber Gloves Black below !

Remarks :
Contact us (see bottom of page) if you want us to renovate your leather garment for you. After your leather has been tested in our lab and after the procedure has been ratified by our technicians, an estimate will be validated for you. Begin by ordering our Test for Quote for Leather Renovation. 

Test  for Quote for Leather Renovation picture
Test for Quote for Leather Renovation

We propose to make the necessary tests to renovate your leather item (handbag, jacket, wallet etc. ). This test includes: the mailing of a pre-paid Colissimo label so you can send us your leather item, the testing in our lab to determine which procedure and products will be necessary, the quote which we will send to you. Afterwards, ...
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Black Nitrile Rubber Glove picture
Black Nitrile Rubber Glove

Now available in the new colour orange, as well as in black ! Powder-free Black Mamba protective glove. Black Mamba Gloves are made of nitrile rubber, ultra-high resistance, 3 times superior to latex or vinyl, in particular to solvents. The properties of nitrile make these gloves non-slip, comfortable, very supple, solid, practical and stain-resistant. They are particularly suitable to ...
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Leather Cleaner RENOMAT Saphir picture
Leather Cleaner RENOMAT Saphir

For stain-removing and in-depth cleaning of the pores of smooth leather, and to remove dirt and deposits of products based on resin and silicone.  Essential before using Saphir shoe polish which contains neither silicone nor resin. Non-agressive formula. To clean leather goods, clothes, leather furniture or car leather, when the leather is very dirty and has never been cared for before. Remarks : ...
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Box of 100 Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves picture
Box of 100 Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Box of 100 powder-free nitrile rubber gloves. Nitrile rubber, ultra-high resistance, 3 times superior to latex or vinyl, in particular to solvents. These gloves are paractical, very supple, solid, practical and non-slip. They are particularly suitable for applying the products we manufacture like the treatments for floors, furniture, leather or wood. Remarks : . Available in 6 sizes, ...
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Pigmenting Cream  AVEL picture
Pigmenting Cream AVEL

Pigmenting Creamforleatherrenovationin the same colour. The use of this creamcorreponds tothe leather finishing processin the tanning industry. Easy to use, it will restore the original finish in the same shade,while eliminating all discolorations, scuff marksand cracks. Applyto the entire surface witha fluff-free cloth for a homogeneous result. Remarks : Depending on your preference and the ...
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