Pigmenting Cream AVEL 

Pigmenting Cream for leather renovation in the same colour. The use of this cream correponds to the leather finishing process in the tanning industry. Easy to use, it will restore the original finish in the same shade, while eliminating all discolorations, scuff marks and cracks. Apply to the entire surface with a fluff-free cloth for a homogeneous result.

Depending on your preference and the properties of your leather, apply with the included Foam Applicator Pad ( see photo), a Cotton Cloth, with Woodworker's cotton, with a Sponge.

For flat surfaces prefer our Roller below.                                              It is recommended to prepare the leather before with the Regenerating Cleaning Soap, and, if necessary, with the Stain Remover Hussard Spray Leather or Textile (very important) in case of sebum (on headrests for example).to prepare

Remarks :                                                                                          - The 375 ml can is sufficient for a sofa seating 3.
- Shake well before use !
- Usually applied in 2 coats, the first one serving as primer.
- Each coat must be fixed with the Fixing Spray AVEL. Allow for a minimum of 4 hours between coats.
- For a made-to-order colour in 375 ml, consult the advice card "Order A Made-To-Order Pigmenting Cream".
- The ambient temperature must be above 0°C.
- If your leather is exposed to bad weather (on a convertible, for example), complete the treatment by applying Finishing Varnish Tenax Saphir Spray. You can also use Anti-Stain Leather Spray AVEL from time to time in case of heavy rain.                                                              - It is possible that certain types of finishing treatments make leather incompatible with our pigmenting cream (approx. 5 % ). In case of doubt, please send us a sample for testing. Only in this case can we guarantee the result.
- Easy to eliminate, if necessary, with the Cleaning Regenerating Soap before having been fixed, and with Polish Thinner after having been fixed.

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