To recolor a leather saddle without changing its colour, the AVEL products allow you to use the same finishing procedures as in the tanning industry, for all types of smooth and non varnished leather.

1 -The first step consists in perfectly cleaning the leather and removing all traces of grease:
. To clean your leather, use Ointment Soap Etalon Noir. It takes off all coats of wax, gives back its natural appearance and opens the leather pores for better penetration of the colour pigments.
. Pay particular attention to sebum deposits due to the transpiration of rider and horse, which have to be perfectly eliminated with Stain Remover Hussard Leather and Textile Spray.

2 - Once the leather is perfectly clean, greaseless and completely dry, go to the repigmenting phase which will give back to your leather an original finish and eliminate all traces of discoloration, wear, cracks etc :

Proceed according to the following 2 steps:
 . Spread the Pigmenting Cream in small quantities by massageing the leather with the help of the Applicator Foam Pad (included) or with a Cotton Cloth. Let dry for approx. 5 hours. Check the degree of penetration and the choice of colour on a hidden part of the saddle. If the cream leaves any marks, try to apply it with a humid Sponge, or a paint roller, or by dabbing for a better hold of the first layer.
 . Afterwards, it is essential to fix the Pigmenting Cream in-depth with Pigmentig Cream Fixing Liquid. Each coat has to to be fixed. Afterwards, the colour will hold perfectly and won't discharge on your clothes.

Remarks :
- If necessary, you can apply two coats of Pigmenting Cream. Be sure to fix the first coat before applying the second.

- Valmour also proposes the Development of a Made-to-Order Pigmenting Cream ( see advice card "Development of a Made-to-Order Pigmenting Cream"). This service will cost 48 €. Please provide us with a sample of your leather measuring at least 2 cm².
- This solution will give you the best result in terms of quality, but also represents a cost by no means insignificant. Instead, you can also use Juvacuir. It cannot be made-to-order and doesn't need a Fixing Spray, and the result will be less resistant in time.
- To refresh the colour without using a dye, clean your saddle with Ointment Soap Etalon Noir and afterwards use Cream Renovator Avel in the matching shade.

Adhesive Tape for Painting picture
Adhesive Tape for Painting

Protective paper tape for painting. Remarks : Can be torn with your hands. Width 19 mm. Length 50 m.
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Soap ETALON NOIR Saphir picture

Cleans andregenerates saddlery and all leather articles. Glycerin-containing formula with sponge. Instructions for use: Slightly humidify the sponge, wring it out, add some soap and rub the leather. Rinse with clear water.
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Pigmenting Cream  AVEL picture
Pigmenting Cream AVEL

Pigmenting Creamforleatherrenovationin the same colour. The use of this creamcorreponds tothe leather finishing processin the tanning industry. Easy to use, it will restore the original finish in the same shade,while eliminating all discolorations, scuff marksand cracks. Applyto the entire surface witha fluff-free cloth for a homogeneous result. Depending on your preference and the properties of ...
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Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid AVEL picture
Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid AVEL

Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid is only appropriate to fixPigmenting Cream AVEL. Essential forin-depth sealing ofthe cream in the leather pores, to obtain lasting colour andpreventany colour discharge. Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid is formulated for leather and can be applied without risk of drying it out or obstructing its pores. Remarks : New aqueous formula less shiny and solvent-free ...
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Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textiles picture
Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textiles

Stain remover for leather, suede, nubuck and textiles. Stain Remover HUSSARD eliminates even old stains ofseborrhea (sebum), which accumulate on leather clothes on the collars and wrists, as well as on sofas, armchairs and leather car upholstery on the headrests, without leaving a ring. Also eliminates fatty stains like butter, oil, sauce, dirty grease, heating oil etc. Effective ...
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