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Re-Colouring Leather Clothes (in matching tones)

- Renovation of a leather jacket with the help of Pigmenting Cream and its Fixing Liquid -

If the leather is stained, refer to the advice card "Removing Stains from Leather Clothes".
To brighten up the colour of an article of leather clothing without a colour change, Valmour recommends  to proceed in 2 steps and proposes several products.


The first step consists of giving your leather a thorough cleaning. Start by checking if there are any traces ob sebum on areas in contact with the skin or with hair. If sebum is present, it needs to be eliminated to prevent a sticky re-colouring result. Spray these areas with Stain remover Hussard Spray and let it work for 2 hours before rinsing with a Sponge. In all cases, clean thoroughly afterwards with the help of Cleaning Regenerating Soap AVEL. It takes off the successive layers of wax, gives back the leather's natural appearance and opens its pores for better penetration of the pigmenting cream.


Once your leather is perfectly clean, grease-less and dry,  re-colour it by using one of the following  3 solutions :
- light discoloration : choose Cream Renovator Avel, an excellent  product intended for every-day care which also brightens up the colour. A reference to soften and re-colour your jackets, fur-lined jackets and any clothes  made of smooth leather. Apply with a non fluffy Cloth. Available in 21 colours.
discoloration with scratches :Choose Dye Juvacuir Saphir  and, if necessary, also Renovating Cream Saphir in addition for small localized touch-ups. You can also try with Polish Canadian Saphir, which is available in different colours.
- strong discoloration: opt for Pigmenting Cream AVEL which is the last word in re-coloring. This product resumes the formulas used in the tanning industry and needs to be fixed with Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid. You will obtain a result of professional quality. This cream can also be made-to-order in the colour of your choice .
localized discoloration : in case of a small localized discolorations, try Renovating Cream Saphir. It is a concentrate of colour pigments formulated for small  touch-ups. Available in 46 colours which can be mixed together. In any case, the result is better and more homogenous if you hydrate your leather before with one of the nourishing products, even in neutral, like Renovating Balm AVEL.

ATTENTION:  if your leather has never received any care and nourishment, it is often very dry. Before recolouring, rehydrate your leather for a much better result. In this case, we recommend to nourrish your leather after cleaning with Delicate Cream Polish Saphir, an acqueous formula which hydrates and openes the leather pores, to prevent rings and for easier cleaning in case of excess product or a wrong colour.

For easy care, use Cream Renovator AVEL.

Protect your hands with the Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves below!
Remarks :
Contact us (see bottom of page) if you want us to renovate your leather garment for you. After your leather has been tested in our lab and after the procedure has been ratified by our technicians, an estimate will be validated for you. Begin by ordering our Test for Quote for Leather Renovation.

Adhesive Tape for Painting picture
Adhesive Tape for Painting

Protective paper tape for painting. Remarks : Can be torn with your hands. Width 19 mm. Length 50 m.
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Test  for Quote for Leather Renovation picture
Test for Quote for Leather Renovation

We propose to make the necessary tests to renovate your leather item (handbag, jacket, wallet etc. ). This test includes: the mailing of a pre-paid Colissimo label so you can send us your leather item, the testing in our lab to determine which procedure and products will be necessary, the quote which we will send to you. Afterwards, ...
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Black Nitrile Rubber Glove picture
Black Nitrile Rubber Glove

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Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL picture
Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL

For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes thesuccessive layers of wax andgives backto the leather its original appearance. NEW FORMULA,totally colorless, with purified glycerine. Remarks : Non alkalineformula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-agressive for leather to the contrary ofMarseilles soap. Essential before applying the Pigmenting Creamor the Renovators, just like washing ...
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Box of 100 Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves picture
Box of 100 Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Box of 100 powder-free nitrile rubber gloves. Nitrile rubber, ultra-high resistance, 3 times superior to latex or vinyl, in particular to solvents. These gloves are paractical, very supple, solid, practical and non-slip. They are particularly suitable for applying the products we manufacture like the treatments for floors, furniture, leather or wood. Remarks : . Available in 6 sizes, ...
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