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In case of a concrete floor, it is very important that the screed releases its residue first . For best results, wait for 3 weeks, in particular after renewing the top coat. Afterwards, proceed according to the following steps:

1- End of job cleaning :  in case of a new floor, eliminate the concrete residue or veiling residue after installation of the tiles and joints with the help of Acid Based Remover LOUIS XIII. How well the paint sticks to the surface depends a lot on this cleaning, therefore use this product highly concentrated and rinse extensively afterwards, if possible by hosing down the surface. Afterwards, wait for a few days until the floor is perfectly dry (this delay shortens on a floor equipped with floor heating). Then brush the surface thoroughly to eliminate any dust, to be able to paint on a perfectly clean, dust-free and dry floor. 
To prepare an old floor, use Wax and Dirt Remover LOUIS XIII below, which can be diluted with 4 to 20 times its volume of hot water. Rinse thoroughly.
If necessary, use Paint Stripper Liquid Blanchon before to eliminate any previously applied coats of paint.

Afterwards, we propose 2  finishing solutions :
1- The most resistant solution can be obtained by the application of a bi-component epoxy primer, followed by an likewise bi-component polyurethane finish. These professional quality formulas are intended for floors with circulation of motorized engins like garages, workshops, factories, gas stations etc...: for a high quality result, for interior and exterior use.
These products are delivered as a kit of 2 components (base and hardener) to be mixed before application. 

- Preparation
To prepare your floor for the finishing paint, begin the treatment by appying VALSOL PU Primer. The purpose of this primer is to harden the surface to give better hold to the finishing paint, and also allows to economize on this paint. Apply the primer in a single coat. Average use approx. 6 m²/liter. Wait 24 hours before applyuing the finishing paint.
Remarks : you can apply this VALSOL PU Primer only, which will give a protected, resistant and easy to clean surface with a light satiny appearance. 
- Finish :
Finally, apply VALMOUR VALSOL PU Floorpaint, a very resistant and highly washable lacquer paint. Apply in one or two coats, for interior and exterior use. Average use approx. 10m²/kg. it is possible to have this paint made-to-order in one of the colours of the RAL Colour Chart.

2- The easiest solution is perfect for floors with passenger traffic like balconies, entry halls, gamerooms, workshops , floors equipped with floor heating etc.. and composed of a single formula of monocomponent acqueous paint: Valmour Sol Floorpaint. For interior and exterior use. Apply in 2 coats, and dilute the first coat with 5% water to serve as primer. Can be made-to-order in certain pastel shades.

Adhesive Tape for Painting picture
Adhesive Tape for Painting

Protective paper tape for painting. Remarks : Can be torn with your hands. Width 19 mm. Length 50 m.
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Gel Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour picture
Gel Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour

High performance gel stripper for paints and varnishes. Can be used on many surfaces like wood, ferrous metal, cement etc. Thanks to its gel form Gel Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour is perfectly suitable for vertical surfaces. 99 % biodegradable formula without methylene chloride, methanol, phenol or paraffin. Remarks : For flat surfaces, prefer the Liquid ...
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Liquid Paint Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour picture
Liquid Paint Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour

Extra-strong liquid stripper for paint and varnish. Removesall types of paint, varnish, tint,... in 15 minutes and with a single application. Can be used on all surfaces: wood, ferrous metal, glass, concrete etc. Liquid Paint Stripper DECAPBIO 2 Valmour dissolves synthetic plastified resin, many types of rubber and plastic materials. It is free off ...
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RAL Colour Chart picture
RAL Colour Chart

Universal RAL paint colour chart, K7 collection. The references of the colours shown on the chart are universal and always the same from one manufacturer to the other. Therefore they can be used as a reference for the choice of a colour, which is either available or can be made to order. Remarks : These colours can also ...
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VALMOUR SOL Floor Paint picture

Mono-component acqueous finishing paint recommended to protect and decorate the floors intended for pedestrian traffic: balconies, entry halls, play rooms, work shops, floors with floor heating etc... Particularly resistant to products for everyday cleaning. Suitable for cement, natural stone, fibrocement, porous floor tiles, terracotta. Remarks : Interior and exterior use. Velvety appearance (between mat and ...
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