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It can happen that, for various reasons, leather is impregnated with a strong smell, which can either be of origin and depend on the characteristics of the type of leather skin used or the treatment it received during the tanning process, or acquired after an incident (contact with animal urine for example).
We recommend to proceed in two steps:
1- Cleaning-Disinfection : to begin with, is is important to clean the leather in depth with Cleaning Regenerating Soap. Continue with Leather Cleaner Renomat to disinfect your leather and eliminate possible fungus.  
2- Regular care : Afterwards, regular care will make the smell fade away for good. Use different products according to the object to be treated:
For fine leather goods or leather clothes, use  RENOVATOR Polish Saphir Médaille d'Or.  This very rich product perfectly nourishes the leather, and its wax components (beeswax, mink oil for example) will leave a pleasant typical smell.
For leather furniture (sofa, armchair etc.), choose Cream Renovator Avel because it contains the greatest amount of waxes and perfumes. It will perfectly renovate your leather and leave a very pleasent scent.

Cream Renovator AVEL picture
Cream Renovator AVEL

Nourrishes, protects, re-colors andadds shine toall types of smooth leather. Cream Renovator is enriched with mink oil and allowsseveralapplicationson asofa seating 3and 2 armchairs. Its high content ofcolour pigments refreshes the leather colour without risk of colour discharge while giving a very pleasant scent of new leather. Clean your leather first with Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL. Remarks: ...
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Leather Cleaner RENOMAT Saphir picture
Leather Cleaner RENOMAT Saphir

For stain-removing and in-depth cleaning of the pores of smooth leather, and to remove dirt and deposits of products based on resin and silicone.  Essential before using Saphir shoe polish which contains neither silicone nor resin. Non-agressive formula. To clean leather goods, clothes, leather furniture or car leather, when the leather is very dirty and has never been cared for before. Remarks : ...
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Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL picture
Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL

For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes thesuccessive layers of wax andgives backto the leather its original appearance. NEW FORMULA,totally colorless, with purified glycerine. Remarks : Non alkalineformula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-agressive for leather to the contrary ofMarseilles soap. Essential before applying the Pigmenting Creamor the Renovators, just like washing ...
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RENOVATOR Saphir Médaille d'Or picture
RENOVATOR Saphir Médaille d'Or

Neutral polish for smooth leather,Non greasy cream based on beeswax enriched with mink oil and lanolin. Aqueous formula. A real neutral beauty product for smooth leather: leather goods, leather clothing, antique bookbindings, shoes etc. Remarks: Limited edition: to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Saphir brand, a very limited collector's series proposes the original 100 ...
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Cottonstock LOUIS XIII picture
Cottonstock LOUIS XIII

Use with all liquid or paste waxes, the stains, Varnish Lacquer Renovator Louis XIII, Wax Remover LOUIS XIII as well as all impregnation products.
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