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To prolong the life of your waxed concrete floor, we suggest to protect it  with an impregnator and to embellish it afterwards with an emulsion. 

1 - Your floor has to be completely clean and dry. Apply Anti Stain Impregnator Louis XIII in 2 crossing coats with a 12 hour waiting period between the applications. Easy application with a Mop or a large Paint Brush. The impregnator offers perfect protection against water, oil and grease penetration but without modification of the appearance of your floor.

2 - Afterwards, for added protection and to give a warmer tone to your floor, you can apply  Varnishing Emulsion Tiles and Marble AVEL, in 1 coat for a wet waxed appearance and 2 coats  for a shiny appearance. Afterwards, use the specially formulated Metallic Wax Shampoo Tiles and Marble AVEL for easy and economical care.
For easy and effortless application of these products, use our Rotating Mop below, without needing to stoop or to wet your hands ! 
PS: Before applying the first coat of Varnishing Emulsion Tiles and Marble AVEL, it is advisable to prepare your floor with Emulsion Stripper AVEL to eliminate any previously applied products and to neutralize the PH.

Rotating Mop Spongio  DUO picture
Rotating Mop Spongio DUO

Spongio 360° DUOrotating microfiber mop. Very easy to use, the rotating disc slips everywhere, easyand effortlessrinsing by mecanism situated in the broomstick, no need to stoop, no wet hands! Easy to store: both buckets fit into each other. Can be used onall surfaces: floors, glas, windows, cars. . thanks to the microfibers which respect every type of ...
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Water Repellant Anti-Stain Impregnator  LOUIS XIII picture
Water Repellant Anti-Stain Impregnator LOUIS XIII

Water and oil-repellant for perfect protection against stains for all porous floors: natural or reconstituted stone, terracotta, floor-tiles... Does not contain linseed oil or other additives.  Does not modify the appearance of the floor and does not create a "plastic film" on the surface.  In-depth action for invisible protection against penetration of all kinds of stains and dirt, lasting between 5 ...
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Large Paint Brush picture
Large Paint Brush

Extra large paint brush for very large surfaces. Available in 2 sizes (see below) : Remarks : Sanded raw wood handle. Nickeled steel ferule of 100 or 150 mm. Bristles of 44 or 50 mm. Thickness 9 mm. Solvent-resistant assembly.  
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Emulsion Stripper AVEL picture
Emulsion Stripper AVEL

Extra-powerful. Strips without effort all types of emulsions (up to 10 coats). Use with the Varnishing Emulsion AVEL every 10 coats. Average use 1 litre for 30 to 40 m².  
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Metallic Wax Shampoo Tiles Marble AVEL picture
Metallic Wax Shampoo Tiles Marble AVEL

Everyday care for floors treated with Varnishing Emulsion Tiles Marble AVEL.  Remarks: Aqueous liquid.   to be diluted with lukewarm water.   no need to rince after application.   Cleans the floors by giving a shiny protection which increases with every application.
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