Cooking with a plancha is part of a new trend focussing on taste and good health. A good quality plancha allows to cook in a healthy way by using only very little fat. The food is cooked without getting in contact with the flames, without burning, without re-cooking the fat, and therefore without any smoke.
Check the following important points before choosing a plancha:

- Cooktop Material :
Prefer cast iron, the material with the best heat-conducting qualitiesd, as well as the greatest inertia towards heat, which prevents temperature variations during the cooking process, in particular during the addition of food. These two points are the most important guarantees for quality cooking. 

- Cooking temperature :
Your plancha needs to be able to reach a temperature of 300 to 350 °C to allow cooking on contact. This is possible with all the planchas of the Plancha Mania brand, by caramelising the food on the exterior while conserving the juices and the scents as well as the appearance and flavors, which is called the Maillard reaction.
- Shape of the cooktop :
Prefer an inclinable cooktop with moulded rims to evacuate the cooking grease towards a grease collector drawer. The size of this grease collector drawer is important. Prefer a large size drawer, like those of the Plancha Mania brand, to be able to collect the cooking grease as well as the water for cleaning.

- Cooktop surface
For both steel or cast iron cooktops, the ideal coating is made of enamel. It is stronger, releases the heat and makes plancha maintanance much easier. The thickness of the coating is essential and should measure at least 7 mm for optimum quality, that is without distortion of the cooktop at 340°C.

- Number and shape of burners :
Prefer round burners for an excellent distribution of the heat across the cooktop. The bigger the cooktop, the greater the number of burners necessary, of course. Electronic ignition is much more practical. The plancha has to be equipped with security faucets with thermocouple to prevent any gas leaks in case of extinction of the flames.

- Plancha frame
Planchas are intended for exterior use, and have to be resistant to bad weather conditions.
Prefer a stainless steel frame of marine quality.

- Electric plancha :
After years of experience, ENO finally proposes and electric plancha offering the same performances as the gas version. The Plancha Elektra is equipped with a marine quality   stainless steel frame and a multilayered cast iron cooktop, exactly like the whole Mania brand,
with a heating temperature of up to 380°C, with thermostat.
Please find below a selection of ENO Planchas. The ENO company is based in Niort in the Deux-Sèvres, and 100% French. It is the world leader in kitchens for boats, and perfectly masters the gas cooking process, the building of marine quality stainless steel frames extremely resistant to bad weather conditions, and the enamelling of cast iron which is done in their proper oven (one of the largest in Europe).