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It is possible to change the colour of leather but this change depends on its original colour and on the colour you want to obtain. There are different technical solutions, from the simplest to one of the highest quality:

1-  Spray dye: easy to use, also allows to change to a lighter colour but is similar to a "paint", does not penetrate the leather and presents a risk of flaking in the long run.
2-  Water-based Dye COLOR DYE: covering dye which does not penetrate but gives a result of very good quality (also on fabric), allows all changes of colour also towards a lighter shade, and can be easily applied even onto delimited areas.
3-  Liquid Leather Dye Teinture Française and finish: of the best quality and lasting in time, this dye will penetrate the leather in-depth, and needs a finish, but cannot be used to make a change towards a lighter colour.
In all cases it is important to work on leather which is perfectly clean. Use Cleaning Regenerating Soap AVEL to remove dirt and dust, and Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textile in case of sebum stains. If necessary, consult our advice cards how to clean and remove stains from leather clothes.

Afterwards, depending on your choice, proceed as follows: 

Nr. 3 Liquid Leather Dye Teinture Française Saphir:
- The preparation : with the help of Stripper Saphir which will allow the liquid dye Teinture Français Liquide to perfectly attach to and penetrate the leather. 
 -Dyeing : apply a first coat of Teinture Française Liquid with a Brush by starting on the least accessible areas (pleats, junctions). Only afterwards dye the larger and more accessibles flat surfaces. Do not pass twice in the same spot without letting it dry first,  and do not overcharge the leather. Buff with a Shamois Cotton Cloth to remove the surplus. 
- Average use approx. 500 ml per article of clothing.
- On light coloured leather, if necessary, apply a second coat after a 3 hour waiting period.
- Finishing : after the use of liquid dye which has a tendency to dry up the leather, you must nourish your leather to give it back its shine and to fix the pigments. Choose one of the following products :

Juvacuir for small surfaces.
- Pigmenting Cream AVEL which is the top-of-the brand product to intensify and fix the colour. It has to be fixed with Pigmenting Cream Fixing Liquid AVEl.

Nr. 2 Dye COLOR DYE Tarrago:
Delivered in 2 bottles containing a preparing liquide and the dye, to be applied in 2 or 3 coats depending on the result you want to obtain. This aqueous dye doesn't denature the leather and allows to make all color changes, even towards a lighter colour. All the colour shades can be mixed together.

Nr. 1 Teinture Tenax Spray Dye:
This is the easiest solution, you only need to spray on the dye, while taking care not to apply too much of the product to prevent running. The only difficulty is too protect the areas you don't want to dye, for example with Adhesive Tape for Painting.

Afterwards, use Canadian once a year for regular care. Consult the advice card "Care for Leather Clothes".

ATTENTION:  if your leather has never received any care and nourishment, it is often very dry. Before recolouring, rehydrate your leather for a much better result. In this case, we recommend after cleaning to nourrish your leather with Delicate Cream Polish Saphir, an acqueous formula which hydrates and openes the leather pores, to prevent rings and for easier cleaning in case of excess product or a wrong colour.

Remarks :
If you want us to renovate your leather garment for you, order our
Test Estimate Leather Renovation. After your leather has been tested in our lab and after the procedure has been ratified by our technicians, an estimate will be validated for you. . 

Adhesive Tape for Painting picture
Adhesive Tape for Painting

Protective paper tape for painting. Remarks : Can be torn with your hands. Width 19 mm. Length 50 m.
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COLOR DYE Tarrago picture

Aqueous dye for smooth leather, synthetic leather or fabric. With COLOR DYE Tarrago,you can dye or even change the colour from black to white. Eliminates scratches, freshens up the colour or changes it thanks to its great covering power. Quick-drying, water-resistant once dry. On smooth leather, 2 to 3 thin (very thin) coats might be ...
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Test  for Quote for Leather Renovation picture
Test for Quote for Leather Renovation

We propose to make the necessary tests to renovate your leather item (handbag, jacket, wallet etc. ). This test includes: the mailing of a pre-paid Colissimo label so you can send us your leather item, the testing in our lab to determine which procedure and products will be necessary, the quote which we will send to you. Afterwards, ...
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Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL picture
Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather AVEL

For cleaning dirty and incrusted leathers. Removes thesuccessive layers of wax andgives backto the leather its original appearance. NEW FORMULA,totally colorless, with purified glycerine. Remarks : Non alkalineformula, without solvent or caustic soda, and therefore non-agressive for leather to the contrary ofMarseilles soap. Essential before applying the Pigmenting Creamor the Renovators, just like washing ...
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Polish Lotion Saphir Médaille d'Or picture
Polish Lotion Saphir Médaille d'Or

Enriched Universal Cream Polish Lotion. To clean, nourrish, protect and give extra shine to all types of smooth leather, patent leather, reptile leather, leather goods, shoes, furniture, luggage... Based on beeswax enriched with mink oil.
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