Changing The Colour of a Leather Sofa

Changing the colour of a leather sofa can be delicate. It depends on the original colour and on the colour you want to obtain. We cannot guarantee the result, in particular if you want to change from a dark colour to a light one. This procedure requires  complete stripping and the result is delicate concerning the uniform aspect of the colour.
On the other hand, a colour change from light to dark is much less risky. Test on a hidden part (use our product packaging in small contents). We recommend the following steps:

 1- Cleaning : Start by checking if there are traces of sebum, and eliminate them with  Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textile if necessary. It is important to work on leather which is perfectly clean. Prepare your leather with  Cleaning Regenerating Soap AVEL which cleans and opens the pores to facilitate pigment penetration. Pay particular attention to sebum (natural grease deposited by skin and hair) on head and arm-rests, which can be eliminated with Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textile.

2- Preparation : with the help of Stripper Saphir which allows the liquid dye Teinture Française liquide to perfectly attacht to and penetrate the leather . Use Cottonstock Louis XIII for easy application.

3 -Dyeing : Apply a first coat of Teinture Française Liquid Dye by starting on the least accessible areas (pleats, junctions). Only afterwards dye the larger and more accessibles flat surfaces. Do not pass twice in the same spot without letting it dry first,  and do not overcharge the leather. Shine with a Chamois Cotton Cloth to remove the surplus.
On light coloured leather, apply a second coat after a 3 hour waiting period, if necessary.
Count about 300 ml / coat and per seat.
Attention: this dye is very colouring! Protect your hands with Nitrile Rubber Gloves Black below!

4- Finishing : liquid dye has a tendency to dry up the leather. and frequently brings about colour discharge, therefore a finishing treatment is essential.
We propose 3 solutions :
- Pigmenting Cream AVEL which has to be fixed with the help of Pigmenting Cream Fixing liquid AVEL.Each coat has to be fixed. This procedure gives depth to the colour, makes the leather shine again and gives perfect hold to the pigments. It is the ideal solution permitting to obtain a result of professional quality because it resumes the procedure used in the tanning industry.
For a matt finish, apply a single coat of Rife Varnish Liquid afterwards.

- Juvacuir which can be used to treat small surfaces (ottoman, small armchair...) which are less subject to rubbing.
- Cream Renovator for a more matt/ less shining aspect of the finish, and at a slightly lesser cost. Suitable for leather without colour discharge after dyeing. Thoroughly eliminate any product surplus  by shining with a Chamois Cotton Cloth. If colour discharge continues, you will have to apply the Pigmenting Cream and its Fixing Spray.

In all cases, we recommend to treat your leather with  Anti Stain Leather Spray AVEL for protection and easier cleaning. It is indicated in particular if you choose the finishing with the Renovating Cream, to avoid colour discharge.

Allow between 55 € and 95 € per seat depending on your choice (stripping, finishing, anti-stain treatment).

As soon as you receive your products, we recommend to carry out all these operations on a small hidden part of your leather( on the back of a cushion, for example) to check the compatibility  and the necessary quantities. You can also send us a leather sample to test for you.

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