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Tanned greasy  leather is a skin with an irregular deep marbled finish. Soft but not shiny, it requires  particular care. 
Choose an onguent, an oil spray  or a shoe polish according to your preference.

- Cream Polish Greasy Leather Saphir nourishes, waterproofs and embellishes smooth greasy leather and nubuck and oiled clothing. Of neutral color, apply with a (cloth.

- Protective Oil Polish Saphir HP Spray nourishes, softens and waterproofs all smooth leathers, oiled leather and nubuck, oiled clothes. It is very concentrated in natural animal oil (15% of the active product). Without paraffin and very fluid, permits in-depth action. Neutral color.

-Grease Polish Saphir Sport waterproofs, softens and re-colours smooth and greasy leather, greasy nubuck. Suitable for mountain/hiking/hunting/horse-riding boots and clothes. 

A humid sponge is sufficient to remove stains.
Protect your clothes with the help of Anti-Stain Leather Suede Nubuck Spray AVEL.

Protect your hands with the Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves below!

Black Nitrile Rubber Glove picture
Black Nitrile Rubber Glove

Now available in the new colour orange, as well as in black ! Powder-free Black Mamba protective glove. Black Mamba Gloves are made of nitrile rubber, ultra-high resistance, 3 times superior to latex or vinyl, in particular to solvents. The properties of nitrile make these gloves non-slip, comfortable, very supple, solid, practical and stain-resistant. They are particularly suitable to ...
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Box of 100 Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves picture
Box of 100 Black Nitrile Rubber Gloves

Box of 100 powder-free nitrile rubber gloves. Nitrile rubber, ultra-high resistance, 3 times superior to latex or vinyl, in particular to solvents. These gloves are paractical, very supple, solid, practical and non-slip. They are particularly suitable for applying the products we manufacture like the treatments for floors, furniture, leather or wood. Remarks : . Available in 6 sizes, ...
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Anti-Stain Leather Spray AVEL picture
Anti-Stain Leather Spray AVEL

Waterproofer assuring an invisible water-repellent protection which lets all types of leather like smooth leather, suede and nubuck breathe and protects itagainst food stains and sebum, rain, snow and dirt and facilitatesfuture cleaning. Remarks : Spray from a distance of 20-30 cm, by brief successive pressions to prevent running. Letwork for 30 mn before shining. ...
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Cream Polish for Greasy Leather Saphir picture
Cream Polish for Greasy Leather Saphir

Ointment polish for greasy leather. Based on neatsfoot oil and enriched with jojoba oil, selected for its nourishing properties. To impregnate, nourrish and embellish greasy smooth leather and nubuck. Special care for fragile leather skins, in particular light coloured greasy nubuck. Gives back to your leather its silky touch and appearance.
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Grease Polish SAPHIR SPORT picture
Grease Polish SAPHIR SPORT

Solvented grease polish without animal oil. Strong waterproofing effect, softens and refreshes the colour of smooth andoiled leather, oiled nubuck. Suitable for mountain/ hiking/hunting/horse-riding... boots and clothes. Remarks : Contains no animal, vegetal or mineral oil.
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