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Does not create a film on the surface !



Easy care and protection for floor tiles, light coloured terra cotta, marble, plastic floors, slate...against all types of stains: oil, wine, alcohol, soapy water, hydrogen peroxide or bleach...
Apply pure on a stripped floor in one or several coats, depending on the degree of shine you want to obtain: 1 coat = waxed appearance,
2 coats = shiny appearance.
Anti-slip, interior use, long-lasting protection: 10 months (if 2 coats).


Remarks :


- aqueous liquid.



- Can be lightly diluted for easier application, depending on the methods of application and the floors to be treated. 



- Before the first application, we recommend to treat your terra cotta with our Tile Protector Impregnator LOUIS XIII against water for optimal and permanent protection, and to reduce the necessary quantity of Emulsion. Otherwise, on a very porous floor 2 coats are necessary, the first one serving as pore-filler.
- Count 1 litre per 40 m² (1 litre for 70 m² if floor has been previously made water-repellent).

- Dry in 20 mn. Apply the second coat after 40 mn.
- Optimum resistance after 24 hours.
- Use the Stain-Stripper All Emulsions AVEL before the first application and every 10 coats.
- For everyday and economical maintenance use the Metallic Wax Shampoo Tiles Marble AVEL below which contains a detergent but which strengthens the emulsion with every application.

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