Varnishing Emulsion Red Terracotta AVEL 

No film on the surface !


Easy care and protection for red terracotta...against stains of oil, wine, alcohol, soapy water, hydrogen peroxide or bleach... Modern formula  based on a solvent-free wax emulsion with acrylic resins , for easy use without constraint. 
Apply pure on stripped red terracotta in one or several coats depending on the degree of shine you want to obtain.
1 coat = waxed appearance,
2 coats = shining appearance.
Anti-slip, interior use, 10 months of protection (with 2 coats).

Remarks :
- Does not form a film on the surface.
- Can be lightly diluted for easier application, depending on the methods of application and the floors to be treated.
- Before the first application, we recommend to treat your terracotta tiles with our Tile Protector Impregnator LOUIS XIII to make them water-repellent for optimum and permanent protection, and to reduce the quantity of Emulsion necessary. Otherwise, on a very porous floor, 2 coats are necessary, the first one serving as pore-filler.
- Average use 1 litre per 40 m² (1 litre per 70 m² if the floor has been made watre-repellent before).
- Dry within 20 min. Let dry for 40 min. before applying a second coat.
- Optimum resistance after 24 hours.
- Use Emulsion Stripper AVEL before the first application and every 10 coats. - For everyday  and economical maintenance,  use Metallic Wax Shampoo Wood Floors AVEL below which contains a detergent but which strengthens the Emulsion with every application.

Available in : 1 liter, 5 liters

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