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Smoke insecticide for unique use !
Instantly kills all insects : fleas, cockroaches, spiders, bugs, flies, clothes moths, wasps, mosquitos, weevils, ants, psychodes etc... 
Close all exits, cut off the ventilation, open the can, pull up and light the fuse and afterwards evacuate the room for a few hours.

Remarks :
- one can contains 37.5 gramms of synthetic pyrethrin powder.
- active for 4 to 8 weeks on walls and surfaces where it settles, depending on the luminosity (the product deteriorates in contact with light).
- does not stain.
- acts only on cold-blooded animals (protect your fish tank) but for precaution do not expose humans, animals, fragile plants and un-wrapped food.
- afterwards, we recommend a simple cleaning of the surfaces in contact with food, with babies or domestic animals.
- replaces Smoke Insecticide ORKA, same formula.
- environment-friendly tin can: diameter = 7,5 cm, height = 5,1 cm.

Radical effectiveness on insects in contact with the smoke. To complete the action concerning any hidden insects, we recommend a regular pulverization of KO Fly ORKA Vaporizer below on plinths, carpets, cupboards... or on possible access spots like ventilation shafts, rubbish shutes etc...

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