Green Anti-Deposit Concentrate T5000  NEW

Green Anti-Deposit Concentrate T5000

Algicide and fungicide,Anti Green Deposit Concentrate  T5000 is a highly concentrated, professional-quality formula.
It permanently eliminates algae, lichen, mould, fungus and moss from all hard surfaces.
Anti Green Scale Concentrate T5000 also contains OIT
(OCTYL ISOTHIAZOLINONE), to ensure that the product lasts. OIT is in fact a preservative that prolongs the effectiveness of the product and ensures synergy with quaternary ammonium.

- up to 625 m² of treated surface, less than 5 cts/m²!
- maintenance or preventive treatment: 40 ml + 2 litres of water for 25 m² treated.
- curative treatment: 75 ml + 2 litres of water per 25 m² of surface treated.
- severe attack (mould thickness greater than 0.5 cm): 100 ml + 2 litres of water for 25 m² of surface treated.

- do not apply to lawns
- no rain for 8 hours after application, ideally 2 days.
- precise, practical self-measuring canister

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