Nourishing Oil Polish SAPHIR HP Spray 

Nourishing Oil Polish SAPHIR HP Spray
Nourishing Oil Polish SAPHIR HP Spray_1Nourishing Oil Polish SAPHIR HP Spray_2

To nourish, soften and waterproof smooth leather, oiled leather and nubuck, oiled leather clothing.
Without parrafin, high fluidity for better in-depth action.                         Ideal for treating the interior of your leather shoes, but also to prevent any appearance of cracks of the folds on the outside, see the advice card below.

- Also suitable for oiled fabrics (hunting jackets for example).
- Since the interdiction of the use of seal oil, and after the the use of fish oil provoked problems due to a somewhat unpleasant odour, from now on  our Nourishing Oil Polish SAPHIR HP Spray is formulated with vegetal apricot oil (15 % of the active product), which guarantees the same efficiency.
- Available in 5 liters on demand, please contact us.

Capacity :
200 ml
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