Filters for Protective Masks ELIPSE A2-P3 - SPR497

These filters are sold per pair and are suitable for the new Protective masks ELIPSE A2-P3.

- Filters corresponding to the European norm EN14387:2004+A1:2008 andTP TC 019/2011 for use with the Protective Mask  Elipse corresponding to the European norm EN140:1998 et TP TC 019/2011.

- EU norm EN140: 1998, EN143: 2000+A1, 2006 P3 RD.

- Efficiency P3 > 99.95% for particles of 0.3 µm at 1000 ppm: cyclohexane (C6H12) at 5000 ppm > 35 minutes.


- The filters can be used until they become clogged or can be changed if the user feels discomfort when breathing in.
- The life span depends on the concentration of the contaminant in the work environment and the type of activity.
- The level of filtration will remain constant and greater than 99.95% throughout use.
- The mask is reusable and the life span depends on storage and maintenance.
- All masks are supplied with a waterproof bag for storage, but it is also advisable to use the carrying case.

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