After perfectly cleaning your fabric with Special Cleaner for Textiles, Valmour proposes the following treatment to waterproof and protect your leather, fabric, canvas, parasols and car tops... against stains :

Use the INVULNER which is available in the following conditionings :

- As a spray : 250, 300 and 400 ml,

- As a liquid in 5 liter drums for larger surfaces.

When using one of the sprays, spray onto the surface to be protected by pressuring briefly and from a distance to prevent runoff. The liquid can be sprayed with a duster or spread by paint brush below.

Cleaner Special Textiles  AVEL picture
Cleaner Special Textiles AVEL

Cleaner Special Textiles AVEL®This unique productis intended forcleaning and deodorizing alltypes of fabric made ofalcantara, cotton, wool, polyester, synthetics, microfiber... whilebrightening uptheir colours. Easy to use,doesnot foam,no need to rinse. Remarks : For velvet and alcantara fabrics, use the Cleaning Sponge Suede Nubuck Saphir afterwards to take off shine. Can be used pure ...
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Anti-Stain Leather Spray AVEL picture
Anti-Stain Leather Spray AVEL

Waterproofer assuring an invisible water-repellent protection which lets all types of leather like smooth leather, suede and nubuck breathe and protects itagainst food stains and sebum, rain, snow and dirt and facilitatesfuture cleaning. Remarks : Spray from a distance of 20-30 cm, by brief successive pressions to prevent running. Letwork for 30 mn before shining. ...
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Special Textile Anti-Stain Waterproofing AVEL Spray picture
Special Textile Anti-Stain Waterproofing AVEL Spray

Based on fluoride resin. Protectsand waterproofs all types of fabric: cotton, polyester, alcantara, microfibes etc... Suitable for tents, upholstery fabrics, shoes, clothing etc... Average use approx. 150 ml per seat for a sofa, or for a piece of clothing. Remarks : Does not contain silicone or PFO ! Spray from a distance of ...
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Paint Brush picture
Paint Brush

Medium paint brush for extensive work. Available in 3 sizes (see below) : Remarks :   Thick flat brush. Sanded raw wood handle. Coppered steel ferule. natural bristles.
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Waterproofer INVULNER  Saphir Spray picture
Waterproofer INVULNER Saphir Spray

For waterproofing and protecting against rain, snow, stains and dirt penetration. Efficient on all objects made of leather, suede, nubuck and textiles articles, including “tex” fabrics. Complementary to polish. Even if our polishes protect the leather because of their high wax content, our Waterproofer Invulner Saphir helps to increase this protection for several days in wet conditions like ...
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