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- Cordovan leather is obtained by using the hides of horses from Cordoba/Spain imported to the United-States and crossbred with wild horses from Dakota.
- Only 20 to 22 dm² of the rear are used, the rest is used for  furniture. For many months, the skins are stored in barrels of oil. The natural shade is blood red, corresponding to a very dark bordeaux.
- This extremely resistent and very supple leather requires regular care which is possible with our  Cream Polish CORDOVAN Saphir Medaille d'Or  below .
After eliminating all traces of dust or dirt from your shoe, spread Cream Polish CORDOVAN with a Chamois Cotton Cloth while lightely massageing at the same time, let dry for 5 minutes and polish afterwards with a Polishing Glove Valmour.

Cream Shoe Polish CORDOVAN Saphir Medaille d'Or picture
Cream Shoe Polish CORDOVAN Saphir Medaille d'Or

Cream polish for the care of Cordovan leather shoes. Thanks to the blending of appropriate oils and waxes, Cream Shoe Polish CORDOVAN Saphir Médaille d'Or is formulated to adapt to the "greasy"" properties of Cordovan leather. Apply by massagingdelicately and use a soft cloth for shining. Remarks : Always test before carefully on a hidden part. ...
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Shining Glove VALMOUR picture
Shining Glove VALMOUR

Shining glove for leather care : shoes, leather goods and clothes, leather furniture etc. Cut from Shabrack sheep skin, 100 % very thick real sheep wool, to help obtain optimum shine by warming up the particles of animal (bee) or vegetal (carnauba) wax which are components of the Saphir, Médaille d'Or, AVEL etc. product ranges. Remarks: ...
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Chamois Cotton Cloth picture
Chamois Cotton Cloth

Chamois cotton cloth for the application of polish. Remarks: -Dimensions 30 x38 cm Machine-washable at 40°C.
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