To get rid of the most difficult stains, Valmour puts several products at your disposal.

Ink Stains : Sometimes, to obtain a satisfactory result, the use of different increasingly powerful products might be necessary. Begin by applying the Cleaning Regenerating Soap AVEL to clean and open the pores of the leather. Then remove eventually remaining rebellious stains (ball-point, ink...) with the Stain Remover Ball-Point AVEL.
- If the result is not satisfactory, try again with the Rénomat. Its effectiveness also depending on the type of finishing of the leather, the stain can be resistant, in which case it is possible to use the Stripper Saphir. It is the radical solution by which you also risk to eliminate the original shade. Re-pigmentation might become  necessary. If only a small area is concerned, consult the advice cards "Re-colouring a scratch", otherwise "Re-pigmenting a leather sofa". 

- Various Stains : use the Renomat for grime stains and the surplus of wax, and the Liquid Stain Remover Hussard for stains made of tar, paint, pine resin, chewing-gum...

Liquid Greasy Stains : If the stain is greasy, apply the Terre de Sommières AVEL to absorb most of it (if necessary, cover with an  absorbant paper and warm up with the help of an iron in order to take off the maximum). Eliminate the rest with the Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textile.

- Dry Greasy Stains : to eliminate stains due to grease, oil, sebum (or seborrhoea : dark marks in particular on the areas where you rest your head), use the Stain Remover HUSSARD Spray Leather and Textiles.

- Stains of snow, salt, water, perspiration : use the Stain Remover Winter SAPHIR.

Once your piece of leather clothing is clean, nourrish it well with the Canadian to keep the leather supple and increase its resistance against rubbing and wear. The Canadian is available in different colours to brighten up the colour of your leather while you care for it.