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To regild letters or engravings carved into a gravestone, make sure that your support is completely clean, dry and greaseless.
Use Wax and Dirt Remover Louis XIII for cleaning and, if necessary, eliminate grease with Stripper Saphir afterwards.

Valmour suggests the following 2 solutions for gilding :
- Tolémail Gilding Paint which is available in 3 gold shades , and gives a better resistance in time thanks to a high resin content.
- Gilding Varnish LOUIS XIII has great covering power due to high fluidity, and gives a  beautiful shine without any trace of brushstroke. Thanks to its low resin content  the result is  similar to gold leaf and and gives a better shine.

For easy application use a Thin Round Paint Brush

To increase the protection of your gilding after drying, apply Cristal Varnish LOUIS XIII afterwards.

To repaint the engraved letters in other colours, use Super Shiny Lacquer FLAMBO or Triple Mat FLAMBO for a matt appearance.

Protect your hands with our Black Nitril Rubber Gloves below!

Black Nitrile Rubber Glove

Powder-free Black Mamba protective glove.Black Mamba Gloves are made of nitrile rubber, ultra-high resistance, 3 times superior to latex or vinyl, in particular to solvents.The properties of nitrile make these gloves non-slip, comfortable, very supple, solid, practical and stain-resistant.They are particularly suitable to apply our products like the leather or wood dyes or to impregnate terracotta, stone, cement tiles ...
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Paint Triple Mat FLAMBO

Matt filling oil-based paintintended forall types ofsurfaces. Paint Triple Mat FLAMBO is the historic formula for blackboards, does not run and can be used for the following materials:metal: steel, copper, brass, chrome, aluminium etc.solid wood or chipboard.soft or hard plastic like PVC or polyester.plaster, plasterboards (ceilings for example).cement, frosted glass, ping-pong tables, blackboards to write on with chalk etc.Remarks:Apply ...
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Super Shiny Lacquer Paint FLAMBO

Quick drying oil-based lacquer paint. High covering properties on allsupports, does not run. Gives a very hard lacquered surface, washable, brushable and weather resistant.Shiny appearance. Interior/exterior use.Remarks :Can beapplied on allsupportsbut plaster and fresh concrete, with a Brush, a Roller, a gun orby airless. Average use approx. 15 m²/liter/coat. -The variouscolours can be mixed together. Dilute and clean with ...
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Decorating gilt paint, solvent phase acrylic resin. Decorates and renovates all objects andmaterials. Highcovering power. No oxidation formula without copper.Remarks :Interior and exterior use.Apply with a Brush , a roller or with aspray gun (dilute 10% withDILUVAL below).Average use approx. 20 m²/litre/coat.-Can be protected afterwardswithCristal Varnish Louis XIII. Apply the varnish with a spray gun, because brushes can take ...
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Cotton Cloths for DIY

Cotton cloths cut from cotton sheets.This fabric is very hardwearing and absorbant and particularly adapted for DIY.The size can vary from 20 cm to 40 cmside-length.Available per unit or in boxes of 120 pieces of great quality sorted out by hand, or in boxes of 10 kg in bulk.. Available below :per unitin boxes of 120 boxes of ...
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