Depending on the degree of discolouration of your smooth leather shoes, Valmour proposes several solutions :

1 - Light discolourations : in this case, it isn't necessary to choose a leather dye, but a polish instead.

We propose more than 190 colours in our Saphir, Saphir Médaille d'or and Tarrago brands. polish is available either as creams, which we call Pommadiers, or as pastes, which are called Pâtes de Luxe.
Both formulas re-colour as well as nourrish your leather, but the pastes contain more waxes and pigments. therefore they can garnish superficial scratches better and refresh the colour every time you care for your smooth leather shoes. The paste polish also allows to glaze your shoes, which is not possible with cream polish.

But careful when you use these products for everyday care: favour the cream polish to avoid to clog up your leather.

Both products are available in the Saphir brand: choose between Shoe Polish Crème Surfine Pommadier Saphir and Shoe Polish Pâte de Luxe Saphir.

They are also available in the Saphir Médaille d'Or brand: Cream Shoe Polish Pommadier Saphir Médaille d'Or and Shoe Polish Pâte de Luxe Saphir Médaille d'or.

If necessary, you can complete the re-coloration procedure on certain areas like the tips and heels which are more exposed to rubbing and therfore get discoloured more easily, with Renovating Cream Saphir, which is a resin containing lots of pigments.

2 - Medium discolourations: in this case, the use of polish only won't be sufficient, so we recommend to recolour your leather with Juvacuir Leather Dye Saphir. Afterwards, you can use a polish to care for your shoes without any problem.

3 - Strong discolourations : in case of very strong discolourations, it is sometimes necessary to take up the procedures uses for tanning. Start by preparing your leather with Leather Stripper Saphir, not necessarily to eliminate the remaining colour, but to prepare the leather to receive the dye in the best way possible. Afterwards, use Liquid Leather Dye Teinture Française Saphir to colour your leather, let dry and use a paste polish for finishing, like Shoe Polish Pâte de Luxe Saphir.

This procedure is then similar to changing the colour of your shoes, and you can consult our corresponding advice card which also proposes a video showing the colour change on ankle boots.
Shoe Polish for Glazing Pate A Glacer LCA picture
Shoe Polish for Glazing Pate A Glacer LCA

Shoe Polish Pâte de Luxe la Cordonnerie Anglaise for glazing.
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Cream Shoe Polish LCA picture
Cream Shoe Polish LCA

Shoe CreamLa Cordonnerie Anglaise. Cream polish for regular shoe care. Composed of different waxes each selected for their softening, nourishing or shining qualities, enriched with shea butter, bound by solvent only, for efficiency without equivalent. Cleans, nourrishes, protects and shines. Remarks: Available in 50 ml and 100 ml, see below. To glaze your shoes, use Paste ...
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Cream Shoe Polish POMMADIER Saphir Médaille d'Or picture
Cream Shoe Polish POMMADIER Saphir Médaille d'Or

Cream shoe polish containing only waxes, solvents like turpentine and shea butter. This unique mixtureincorporates more than 7 different waxes, eachselected for their nourishing, softening, shining... qualities, with an optimum concentration. Cream Shoe Polish Pommadier Médaille d'Ornourishes, cleans , recolours and waterproofs your shoes. Ideal for everyday care. Most of the polishes available on the market ...
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Shoe Polish Creme Surfine Pommadier SAPHIR picture
Shoe Polish Creme Surfine Pommadier SAPHIR

High quality polish for smooth leather shoes (not suitable for velvety leather like suede or nubuck). The formula of Creme Surfine Pommadier Saphir is based on solvents. Wax cannot be mixed with water, but solvents allow different waxes to be added in large quantities and clean the leather as well. Shoe Polish Creme Surfine Pommadier Saphirrepares and refreshes ...
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Shoe Polish Pate De Luxe SAPHIR picture
Shoe Polish Pate De Luxe SAPHIR

New 100 ml conditioning and new screw-box container in 100ml ! Extra shiny formula based on beeswax, carnauba wax and turpentine. Light re-colouring effect. Essential for glazing your shoes. Use Shoe Polish Pâte de Luxe Saphir in alternation with a Pommadier, with moderation as not to overcharge your leather, because this paste polish is very rich ...
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