Waterproofer Nano Invulner Saphir 

Waterproofer Nano Invulner Saphir
Waterproofer Nano Invulner Saphir_1Waterproofer Nano Invulner Saphir_2
Spray waterproofer for protecting smooth leather (or velvety leather like suede and nubuck), textiles ot tex materials.
Waterproofer Nano Invulner Saphir protects against water as well as penetration of dirt and stains.
Nanotechnologie guarantees superior waterproofing and stainrepellent protection:  the infinitely small size of the nanoparticles creates a real protective barrier while favouring the  breathability of all items made of TEX materials.

Remarks :
- Brush the leather item, then shake the spray before use and spray from a distance of 20 cm.
- Drying time : 30 minutes.
- Does not dampen the treated surface as much as Waterproofer Invulner Saphir.
- Aluminium container: unlike the majority of  products on the market, Saphir spray containers are made of aluminium to guaranty lightness and a perfect conservation in time: no leaks due to oxidation, and no alteration of the quality of the product, which  can be stored at home for several years

Available in : 250 ml,

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