Shoe Trees for Ankle Boots Saphir Médaille d'Or 

Shoe Trees for Ankle Boots Saphir Médaille d'Or
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Pair of shoetrees made of solid French wood for the protection of your shoes. Satiny finish with a microporous varnish which protects the wood and allows perfect absobtion of humidity. 
ATTENTION: This model has changed. To homogenize the too large number of models and to adapt to the more modern shapes of todays boots, it has been decided:
- to use linden wood from now on, (as these shoe trees are manufactured), to lighten this model which was particularly heavy.
- to reduce the surround of the front part of these shoe trees by 2 mm.
Consequently, the size  correspondence is modified, and from now on you can order your real size.
- Furthermore, for easier inserting into and removal from the boots, the "opening" corresponding to the area where the front part and the heel of the shoe tree touch when it is folded,  has been enlargened, which also contributes to the reduction of the volume of the front part.
- From now on, each shoe tree is fitted with 2 springs, instead of one as for the previous model, to improve the length-wise tension and therefore the hold of the shoetrees in contact with the leather.
- Finally, from now on the metal parts which are the buckle and and the metal plate engraved with our brand name are made of steel, more sober than brass.

Made in France by the last maker PERFECTA LCA who supplies the most famous shoemakers, on  high precision digital machines which guarantee perfect homogeneity between two pairs of the same size.
The quality of these French shoe trees of the "saphir Médaille d'Or" brand is very superior to the quality of imported models.
Unique model for high and ankle boots. 

Remarks :
- manufacturer's reference = EM111,
- of the same dimensions as the Weston shoe trees ref. 39.
- French wood stemming from managed forests.
- Sold per pair (right foot and left foot),
- Available in sizes 39 to 45, see below.

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