Shammy Leather 

Shammy Leather
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Shammy leather is ideal for drying and shining car bodies, computer screens, windows, plastic, metal, floor and wall tiles etc.
Nowadays, the animal of the same name is protected and the sale of real Chamois skins is forbidden. Therefore, modern Chamois skins are made of sheep skin tanned with fish oil, the quality of the skin depends on the quality of the tanning.
Traditionally used to care for copper and copper alloys such as brass and bronze, Valmour Chamois leather can also be used to care for silverware, complementing our products.

- Our Shammy Leather is made of 100% real sheepskin which can absorb between 4 to 7 times its weight in water.
- Wash in tepid water with a non-alkaline soap like our Cleaning Regenerating Soap below.
- The smell and possible pillings will disappear with the first washing.
- Also used to prevent bed sores.

- Can be personalized with a laser engraving after adding it to your basket 

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