Protective Mask ELIPSE INTEGRA P3 - SPR404 / SPR405

Mask for complete protection. In addition to the features of the Protective Mask Elipse P3 it is equipped with protective goggles which completely cover the eyes and the upper part of the face. The Mask ELIPSE INTEGRA P3 will not only protect your lungs but also your eyes against dust and odours.
This mask is very comfortable and does not fog up. It is equipped with an active charcoal membrane and a mecanical particle filter for protection against concentrations of up to 5000 ppm ( particles per mm3).
The anti-fog protection is evaluated and certified by the European standard CE0194

Remarks :
- includes 2 filters identical to the filters for the Mask ELIPSE P3.
- Without latex or silicone.
- Light and comfortable : 210 grams.
- It is possible to wear pince-nez style glasses without side-pieces underneath.
- Interior dimensions of the mask S/M = 9 cm * 13 cm.
- Interior dimensions of the mask M/L = 10 cm * 14 cm.
- EU norms EN140 & 143, EN166 2.F.KN, CE 0194.
- Efficiency P3 > 99.95% for particles of 0.3 µm.

Available in : Small / Medium, Medium / Large

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