Protective Mask ELIPSE A2-P3 - SPR495/SPR496

Anti dust, anti solvent and anti odour mask for maximum protection against odours, gas and solvents. 
Efficient and recommended even for concentrations superior to 5000 ppm (particles per mm3).
The Protective Mask ELIPSE A2-P3 is suitable for interior and exterior work like sanding, painting, cleaning, stripping, trimming etc., and can be used by professionals or private persons even in in a confined space ( attention, the oxygen level available in the air must be superior to 18%).

 - filters in conformity with the European norm EN14387:2004+A1 and TP TC 019/2011 for use with the Mask Elipse in conformity with the European norm  EN140:1998 and TP TC 019/2011.
- EU norm EN140: 1998, EN143: 2000+A1, 2006 P3 RD.
- Efficiency P3 > 99.95% for particles of 0.3 µm up to 1000 ppm: cyclohexane (C6H12) up to 5000 ppm > 35 minutes.
- Recommended by CRAM and MSA.
- Ultra-lightweight protection: 350 grams !

Available in : Small / Medium, Medium/Large

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