Presentation Box Madrona Burr VALMOUR 

Presentation Box Madrona Burr VALMOUR
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De luxe presentation box Valmour made of madrona burr.
This polish box is entirely hand-made by very specialized cabinetmakers. It is assembled in a limited series and sanded, veneered and varnished by hand. This is very meticulous work  and demands patience, in particular during the application of the madrona burr veneer. The burr is covered by 7 coats of varnish  to give shine  and depth to this precious and rare wood.
The interior of the box and the trays  in particular are made of solid varnished sycomore maple, which allows to highlight the products inside. 

- Exterior dimensions (cm): 34/30.5/14
- Interior dimensions (cm): 31/27/11.5
- Each tray bottom is covered with felt.
- Made in France. 
- Available empty or filled, see below.

Available in : Empty, Filled

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Burr Madrona
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