Polish Renovating Cream SAPHIR 

Polish Renovating Cream SAPHIR
Polish Renovating Cream SAPHIR_1 Polish Renovating Cream SAPHIR_2
Resin-based concentrate of colour pigments. To cover small surfaces like scuff marks, scratches, cigarette burns and to refresh the colour of all smooth leathers : shoes, clothes, leather goods and furniture.
Our Crème Rénovatrice Saphir complements, but does not replace, furniture polish or balsam. Apply on leather which has been cleaned before with Cleaning Soap Smooth Leather and nourished afterwards with a Polish for shoes or a Renovating Balm for furniture or car leather, or, at the minimum, treated with Delicate Cream Polish Saphir. Renovating Cream Saphir does not discharge.
Perfect for partial renovation, not intended for regular care.
It is possible to mix the 50 colours together, in particular a Lightening Base which will tone down a colour shade which is considered too dark. Test the result on a piece of paper and let dry, because the shade will get slightly darker.

Remarks :
- Can be eliminated before drying with RENOMAT below.
- After drying, eliminate carefully with Polish Thinner (test before on a hidden part).
- Easy application with your finger or with the Foam Applicator Pad below.
- Available in tubes or glass jars, see below.

(To see the various shades, click on the painter's palette below or order the colour-chart “ leather for shoes")

Available in : Tube 25 ml, Glass Jar 25 ml

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