Gilding Varnish LOUIS XIII 

Gilding Varnish Louis XIII decorates and renovates mouldings, letters and new objects or those needing repair. It is extremely fine and fluid, has great covering power and gives a beautiful durable shine without any trace of brush stroke.
Can be used on all surfaces: wood, plaster, staff, biscuit, marble, granite, leather, metal etc.
Gilding Varnish Louis XIII is perfectly suitable for the decoration or renovation of frames, mouldings, beading, decorative objects made of wood, iron or plaster. Also gives very good results on figurines like tin soldiers. 
Gilding Varnish Louis XIII is available in 2 colour shades: Rich Gold and Antique Gold. The second corresponds to a gold shade already patinated with time and with a light copper hue. It is used for touch ups, either on its own or by mixing it with Rich Gold. For a complete renovation, we recommend to choose Rich Gold.
Copper-free formula, no oxidation.

- Mono-component gilt based on solvented dry acrilic resin.                    - Preferably for interior use.                                                                - Shiny appearance.
- Apply in 1 single coat with a Brush, by soaking or with a paint gun (dilute with DILUVAL or acetone).
- Dust dry in 20 min., dry in 40 min. and hard in 3 hours.
- For a result with more "depth" and more "sheen", start by applying a  primer of the same varnish:  Red Gilding Primer Louis XIII (see essential products below) .
- Available in 2 shades : RICH GOLD and ANTIQUE GOLD
- Average use approx. 1 m²/100 ml.
- To dilute the product or clean the brushes after use, use  DILUVAL below or acetone.
- Can be protected with Cristal Varnish Louis XIII.
- To age the varnish, patinate withJudean Bitumen below.
- Shelf life 2 years in the properly closed original container.
- Density 1.10 that is to say 33 grams of product in the bottle.


Available in : 30 ml, 250 ml

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