Filters for Protective Mask ELIPSE P3 and Integra P3 - SPR316/SPR336

Pair of recharge filters for the Protective Masks ELIPSE P3 and Integra P3.
Protect from dust, odours, solvents etc. 
The filters for the Protective Masks ELIPSE P3 can be used until they get dirty and as long as they are comfortable to use, the filter capacity remaining constant at more than 99.95 %.
Their life span depends on their conditions under which they're use and the way they are stocked.

Available below in 2 models, protection against dust or protection against odours, solvents and dust.

Remarks :
- Sold by 2 (one pair)
- Compatible with all sizes.
- Shelf life = 3 years.

- European norms EN140: 1998, EN143: 2000+A1, 2006 P3 RD.

- Efficiency P3 > 99.95% for particles of 0.3 µm.

The filters can be used until they become clogged or can be changed if the user feels discomfort when breathing in.
- The life span depends on the concentration of the contaminant in the work environment and the type of activity.
- The level of filtration will remain constant and greater than 99.95% throughout use.
- The mask is reusable and the life span depends on storage and maintenance.
- All masks are supplied with a waterproof bag for storage, but it is also advisable to use the carrying case.

Available in : Dust and Odours - SPR336, Dust - SPR316

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