Extra-strong Food Grade Grease Remover FLASH Net 

Extra-strong Food Grade Grease Remover FLASH Net
Extra-strong grease remover for all surfaces, ready to use, delicately scented. FLASH Net easily eliminates greasy, oily and mineral dirt like grease, oil, soot, nicotine, pollution, traces of insects, sludge, tar, traces left by the soles of shoes, shoe polish, tannin, ect.
Can be used on all washable surfaces:  cooking material, ovens, extractors, filters, lawn mowers, for DYU, bikes and in particular mountain bikes , cars, motor bikes, tiles, metal, PVC, textiles, plastic, glass etc. 
Suitable for kitchens and in particular for items in contact with food.

- Very powerful thanks to its  pH 13.
- Approved for food contact.
- Spray on, let work and rinse afterwards .

Available in : 750 ml, 5 liters

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