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Aqueous dye for smooth leather, synthetic leather or fabric. With COLOR DYE Tarrago,you can dye or even change the colour from black to white. Eliminates scratches, freshes up the colour or changes it thanks to its great covering power. Quick-drying, water-resisting once dry.
- On smooth leather, 2 to 3 thin (very thin) coats might be necessary, depending on the leather. The final result does not alter the nature of the leather and bears no resemblance to paint.
- On imitation leather, the ideal  surface is slightly grainy and not too smooth, but you can test before, because very often the result is very satisfactory on a smooth surface, too.  

- Does not need a finish.
- Satiny appearance after drying. 
- The colours can be mixed together.
- Not suitable for velvety leather (suede or nubuck).
- Includes a liquid to prepare the leather for drying.
- Environment-friendly.
- Average use (approx.):
. 25 ml for a pair of shoes
. 50 ml for a handbag
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